These Are The Moments


As we finished up dinner tonight a song came on the ipod that made Scott want to dance and he invited me to join him.  So we did a little swing dancing in the living room with the kids watching from the table.

Then my son got up and grabbed the “point and shoot” we sometimes let him use to take pictures with and took some pictures of us “to put on my wall” he said.


After Mommy and Daddy’s dance was finished the kids wanted in on the action.  So we taught them how to properly “cut in” and they so cutely tapped us on the shoulders to “ask for this dance.”

Who could deny such a request?


Then they suggested we all go put our “dancing clothes on” and so we quickly changed clothes, pushed the toy box out of the way and enjoyed a truly priceless evening of dance.



IMG_3797 IMG_3794

I couldn’t help but think of these lyrics as I recall our evening of spontaneous fun.  It’s definitely one of those moments I’ll store up in my heart and treasure.

“And these are the moments,
I thank God that I'm alive.
And these are the moments,
I'll remember all my life.
I've found all I've Waited for,
And I could not ask for more.

I could not ask for more than this time together,
I could ask for more than this time with you.
Every prayer has been answered,
Every dream I've had's come true.
Right here in this moment,
Is right where that I meant to be.
Here with you, here with me.”


  1. These are the best photos (I think) you've ever posted! (Except for the one with Scott kissing our daughter in B&W)
    This reminds me of your wedding reception. I guess there's always good dancing and dancers around you guys!
    Its really a nice surprise to have known Scott for so long but never knew or saw him as a dancer when he was in high school!
    Bob & Judi

  2. I have tears in my eyes reading this and seeing your precious pictures! You are such sweet parents to take the time to make everyday moments special for each other and your children. This is beautiful!!

  3. What beautiful shots! I loved how you danced with your darlings. Apart from our busy schedules, these moments are truly rewarding. Wish you and your family the best.

  4. so sweet! what a great memory that they will treasure forever. or perhaps a new tradition?

  5. Oh guys really should get an award for great parenting. Stellar parenting, really. Those pictures are so cute...I love love love your "dancing clothes!~" The pictures of Scott and your daughers are oh my word take my breath away cute. And brother and sister cutting it up on the dance floor is truly adorable. And nothing says "awww" like a mother/son dance. I am going to strive for an invite to one of their weddings!!! Great post. Awesome.

  6. That's wonderful! I wish The Husband and I knew how to dance. we do it so rarely. What a wonderful set of pictures but to be honest I like the one your son took the best.

  7. man, i'm so glad to be part of this family! maybe we can have a dance party when i'm home??? you guys don't let anything stop the fun. i love it.

  8. Too adorable... A family that dances together, stays together!

  9. What a fantastic way to end dinner! Love the picture of your son and daughter dancing with both his feet off the ground! They are truely the moments to treasure. Amazing parenting, and an amazing example to set for both your son and daughters!

    YAY YOU!! (and your hubby too!)

  10. That really made me smile! Kids love to see their parents love for one another. What a wonderful husband you have. And wow can those kids cut a rug!!!


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