How to Make Good Cookies Even Better


Home made chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!  I am partial to the recipe my mom got years ago. 

Perhaps you’ve seen the recipe as well.  The story goes someone asked for Mrs. Fields cookie recipe and was told it cost two fifty.  Upon receiving the recipe, she learned it cost two hundred and fifty dollars rather than two dollars and fifty cents.  Outraged, she went on to share this recipe with the world to get back at them for charging so much. 

I gotta confess until a month ago, I believed this little story.  Thought I was going around with Mrs Fields very own cookie recipe.  I’d see her store at the mall and think, “Why bother paying for the cookies when I could go home and make the exact same ones and even get to eat the dough?” 

Yes, I am that gullible.

(I was the girl in high school who believed the line that gullible wasn’t in the dictionary too).

Last month I was craving me some cookies and couldn’t find my “secret” recipe anywhere.  I thought I’d check online since you can pretty much find any recipe you want online.  And that is when I read this nice little anecdote about how that was an urban legend, documented on 

What a disappointment!

Though I did track down my most favorite recipe and in the process gleaned three tips for making your cookies taste even better. 

I tried them and the results were amazing. 

These cookies were already a favorite staple here at the circus and yet when I made this batch, my husband noticed right away and asked what I did differently. 

  • The first trick is to melt your butter before creaming it together to make your cookie dough.  It changes the consistency of the cookie and gives you a much softer, chewier cookie.
  • The second trick mentioned was to double the amount of vanilla called for in the recipe.  I did this as well, and I noticed a difference in taste.  It seemed to enhance the flavor if you will.
  • The third trick was to add a tablespoon of milk to the dough at the last step when you are stirring it all together.  Again this is to make a softer, chewier cookie. 

I would assume you could adapt these tips to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, or you can try the not so secret recipe I’ve been enjoying for years! 

These tips worked for me.  Visit Rocks in My Dryer for more great tips.


  1. It seems like there are a thousand ways to make a chocolate chip cookie and it really is just a tweak here and there to make them all completely different.
    Come by and see me today
    The Goat

  2. YUMMMM!! I love good cookies and so does Keith! I'm definitely going to try these tips when he's home on leave. He would really appreciate it!

  3. Those are great suggestions. I am always a little generous with the vanilla but I'll have to try the other two!

  4. I have never ever heard of melting the butter first - hmmm...I'll have to try it. I checked out the recipe and it looks good. I would definitely have to half it since that would be way too many cookies for our household. I honestly truely cannot control myself around homemade chocolate chip cookies (or homemade cupcakes for that matter). I just eat and eat and then feel gross. How do you do it?

  5. The melted butter trick works out well with pancakes batter too, fyi!

  6. i am salivating as i type. i would LOVE some homemade cookies right now! if you ever make too many, i'll give you my address...


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