Be Careful of Mr. Black


Today a dental hygienist visited my son’s class at preschool. 

In the car he told me we needed to get him some dental cloth. 

“Floss?” I asked. 

“Yes,” he told me, “We gotta get rid of Mr. Black.”


My son then commented, “I have no idea who Mr. Black is but we gotta get rid of him.”

I suggested maybe he was a cavity.

“Yea or dead food.” he replied.

So, this week at the circus we are tackling dental hygiene.  He even told my husband before bed tonight that when he wakes up he’s gotta brush his teeth.  “Of course I’ll come into your room first, b/c I always come into your room when I wake up, but then I gotta brush my teeth because we need to brush in the morning and night.”

I am so glad we have him to keep us all in line.


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  1. That's great!!!! He sounds like such a fun kid to have around! The dental hygienist that came to his class must have had one awesome presentation!! I remember that when I was in early elementary school, there was a program where someone came around I think once a month and taught us about dental hygiene and they came armed with mouth wash!!!

    MC has a piece of food stuck in her teeth last night and I introduced her to flossing...she was not a happy camper about it all.

  2. I suggest that Mr Black is Mr Plaque. And The Girl loves tooth brushing, she just wants to do it at 2 in the afternoon, or right after I fixed myself a cup of coffee making it hard to do as a family endeavor. But I keep hoping I can get us all in the habit of tooth brushing together.

  3. Mr. Black/ it! Dental hygiene is a tackle at our house...we're striving for more consistency. Darn it, I hate that word. It haunts me in my sleep. We always (cough, cough) okay, almost always brush before bed. The morning rush is a different story. And floss? Well, I'm feeling rather guilty now as I have not introduced dental cloth to the kids yet.

    That son of yours is a trip! So cute!

  4. We tackled that today too! We went to the dentist and my daughter did awesome!!

  5. Mr. Black? I love it! I will have to use that term with my own kids.

    A worthy tackle and one that seems to plague our household. LOL

  6. good for him! i didn't start flossing until i was 30. he's definitely ahead of the game - and passionate, too!


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