Secret’s Out


You ever ever start playing a game without even realizing it until it’s well underway?  Two years ago the kids and I were shopping in the candy aisle at Rite Aid looking for cheap V-day candy after the 14th, when we stumbled across this guy selling on clearance for a little over a dollar.



My son was big into motorcycles and Snoopy, so it was fun gift for him. 

What we didn’t tell him was that there was candy hidden underneath the chair.  He liked it as a toy bike and there didn’t seem any reason to tell him about the treasure inside.

My husband and I have gotten quite a chuckle out of this as we’ve seen him playing with it.  We would joke with each other about the day he would finally dawn on him that there is actually candy inside.  It became a game for us.

Today, two years after we bought the toy, my son brought it to me very excited and said, “Hey Mom, did you know there is candy inside this?” 

Turns out he was showing the motorcycle to our 9 year old neighbor when he pointed out to my son that there was candy in the motorcycle. 

I gotta admit we were a little disappointed that he didn’t make the discovery on his own.  But, my son wasn’t too disappointed when I told him he couldn’t eat the 2 year old candy.  He thought it was kinda funny that there was candy inside his motorcycle.  I thought it was funny that for a full two years he didn’t realize that his toy was actually a candy dispenser.


  1. Wow I can tell you The Girl would have it figured out in about two minutes and the toy would be discarded and unwanted once the candy was gone.. Unless we put more candy in it. I'm glad he enjoys it.

  2. i'm not sure if that's funny.... or mean. i'm impressed he didn't want to eat the candy!

  3. How funny.
    And ah-h-h- the INNOCENCE of youth :-)

  4. Oh come on let him eat it!!!! I has to be hard sugar candy and will be just fine!!!!!!

  5. Cute, cute, cute. Noah would have gotten the hyperactiveness just by looking at the candy held within the toy. He's a sugar magnet. I think it's great that he truly enjoyed playing with his toy motorcycle and that the loss of the 2 yr. old candy was not a big deal to him. That's awesome!

  6. We had this one, too! And they didn't realize it until we pointed it out. Now I'm sorry we pointed it out. lol


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