Superbowl Time!!


Since many people have asked how we we are celebrating the Superbowl, I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of the circus on Superbowl Sunday.

We didn’t invite a ton of friends over b/c to be honest, we want to be watching the game and not playing host and hostess.  We invited my parents, Scott’s parents, and Scott’s grandfather over to watch the game with us.  The rule is you gotta route for Pittsburgh to be welcome here and during the game, there is no talking.  (the kids have a movie set up in their room on the portable DVD player).

My parents came into town Friday night with their minivan sporting some Steelers pride.  They let us use their window paint to decorate our vehicles as well. 


The circus house is sporting some serious black and gold.  As you walk up to the front of the house, you will see our flag proudly waving and our wreath on the front door. 



Then as you walk up the stairs to our living room you will enter the land of black and gold. 



Our tailgating menu tonights includes pizza, pizza bites, wings, meatballs, chip and dip, black and gold cookies, Oreo football cookies and fruit.


Do you see the Steelers emblem in our fruit plate?


We are totally PUMPED up for the big game!! 


Let’s get that 6th ring for the other thumb!!!


  1. I don't care for football, and even I was excited about that play by #92 .... hey, wasn't that number painted on your car?

  2. I absolutely LOVE how you decorate your living room!! I'm sitting here watching the game with my husband and the score is you guys must be happy!!!

    Lots of luck for that 6th ring!!

  3. What a great game!!! I bet there are some happy people at your house tonight! : )

  4. Congratulations on the victory! It was a great game, and even though I was routing for Kurt Warner, the Steelers definitely earned this one! I know a lot of happy folks right now!

  5. Somehow, no one at The Heights is surprised by this. :)

  6. um, is that the outside grill, inside??

  7. Actually, it is the outside grill cover, brought in b/c we were bringing in everything we owned that had a Steelers logo on it to add to the ambiance. :-) We draped it over two chairs to look like a grill. Good eye, Stella G, good eye!


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