Symptoms of Watching 24 Before Bed


Scott and I enjoy watching those “thrill drama series” such as 24, Alias, Heroes…  I can remember when we would watch Alias, I would often have dreams where I would save the day with my mean back side kick and my “kickn” purple air.  Ya, if only…

Well this morning I woke up and told Scott I had the strangest dream.  In part of it we were going away for our honeymoon only it wasn’t really because we already had the kids and we were staying in this hotel like room underground in my parents yard.  A safe house perhaps? 

Things are a bit foggy as dreams usual are, but I vividly really being at a school and figuring out that there was a terror plot underway for bombs to go off in every school across America when they said the pledge.  Apparently, all the schools in America pledge of allegiance at exactly the same time every day.  I was trapped but somehow was able to secretly text a message which said, “no pldge” and somehow whoever received this message understood and was able to stop the terror plot.  I have a fuzzy recollection of agents bringing the bombs out of the school buildings across America…none of them able to go off since they children never said their pledge.

Back to my romantic getaway.  Before leaving for our “safe house” I recall telling my parents, “Only call us if there is a problem with the kids or a matter of national security.”

Yea because in matters of national security people always turn first to Crystal, stay at home mom. 

Hmmm, guess you can’t tell what I watched last night before bed?


  1. Thats really funny! But you know I do the same thing. Only its about World of Warcraft. Because we are usually playing until right before we go to bed.

  2. hahaha! After watching House, I always have doctor dreams. Someone comes to me, unable to figure out what's wrong with them, and I diagnose and cure them. Bahaha!

  3. So Jack Bauer did not make an appearance in your dream? That's kind of disappointing, but your dream is quite hilarious...what did you eat before bed??? I have never seen 24, but have always wanted to watch it. Someday...along with all the other tv shows I want to see someday. I'll tell you when Hollywood runs out of material I will have plenty of stuff to keep me in t.v.!

    Okay, well sweet dreams tonight!

  4. Funny! You know, the problem with being a modern-day hero is that you don't get to wear a cape!

  5. Thanks for keeping us safe last night!

  6. Lol! I also have strange dreams after watching too much television. I guess my mind stays active even after watching television. I usually wake up so tired after running around in my dream. I feel like I didn't have a rested sleep the night before. So now, I tend to avoid watching action movies or series. I guess I better switch to watching feel good movies before I go to bed.


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