A Bit Mixed Up


Have you ever been singing along to a song in front of your friends when you learn that the lyrics you thought you knew weren’t quite right?

I can remember in high school singing along to Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby” and when she says, “Baby Baby, I’m taken with the notion to love you with the sweetest of devotion”  I instead belted out “love you with the  sweetest talk of ocean.”  My friend looked at me and laughed and asked what I just sang.  “Sweetest talk of ocean” I replied, “Why?”  It never occurred to me that it didn’t make any sense.  To this day when I hear the song it is hard for me to hear anything but “Sweetest talk of ocean”  

Another high school lyric gone bad was Better Than Ezra’s “Good”  I can remember belting out “It was good livin’ with you warthog” in front of some of my youth group friends instead of “It was good livin’ with you (wahow).”  I even remember asking why they are singing about living with warthogs.   This of course was met with much laughing at my expense (as was much of my high school experience, but that is another point for anther time).

I think it is funny how I would just sing what I thought I heard never even considering how little sense it made or that perhaps I heard incorrectly.  It also troubles me that I would sing in public so often as I do not have a good singing voice. 

Recently Scott was singing Jingle Bells with the kids and had an epiphany as he sang one of the lines.  He always wondered what a “sopen sleigh” ways, assuming it was a certain type of sleigh used in sleigh riding.  It wasn’t until this January that he realized it was a one horse open sleigh.

The last misheard lyric I will share with you is another recent one.  I had given the kids a Go Fish CD for Christmas and as I was jammin to the Mom song I thought one of the lines was kind of odd.  While praising mothers, the song says,

“You’re the boss, the driver, The ultimate survivor    A doctor, a cooker  Your man thinks you’re a looker”

Only I heard, "“your man thinks your a hooker

At first I just went with it.  I even repeated the line to Scott to which he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Well I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, but…”

But then I got to thinking,  “I hope my son doesn’t ask me to explain what a hooker is.”   Which made me take pause and listen again as this was a CD by a Christian band targeted to preschoolers.  Surely they don’t want little kids singing about their moms being hookers. I was so relieved when I listened again a few days later and heard it correctly.  I think I even wrote as my face book status that night “Crystal is laughing at herself”

What about you?  Have any misheard lyrics you’d like to share in the comments below?  They are often good for a giggle or two.  When checking the correct lyrics for one of the mentioned songs I stumbled across a site entirely devoted to misheard lyrics.  A few had me laughing out loud.  I’d love to hear yours. 


  1. There's a song I can't remember the title of, but the hook is something like this, "Now, I lay me down to sleep and I pray that you will hold me dear while I'm away. Now, I whisper....."

    You know the one? Well, there are some background singers and they sing something (to this day I haven't a clue), but I swear its something about Taco Bell, which I just know isn't right.

    Although right now I'm beltin out some old school Amy Grant and contemplating a quick trip over to Itunes...but I just bought six songs last night so I'm thinking I should hold off.

    Wanna know what I bought?

  2. Too funny about the Go Fish song. My kids have the same CD. I've done this lots of times, and it is always funny, however, I can't think of any in particular right now...

  3. I think its funny you mention jingle bells. My brother to this day insists that the horse's name is Bob. "bells on Bob's tall ring," Most recently I miss heard this country song, He sings "Oh you know I like my chicken fried." and all I can hear is "You know that I'm a chicken firer." which is not so bad in and of its self but it throws off the grammar of the rest of the lyrics and I remember complaining to The Husband about it, rather than wondering what he might have actually said.

  4. I will have to let you know on this.... I still have tears in my eyes from reading yours and laughing (WITH you)... That is so funny! Thanks, I needed that! =)

  5. i am laughing so hard with this one! i can recall some of those misheard lyrics of yours! i love you!!!! so here's mine. there's a mariah carey song "dream lover" and a line that goes " i wanna share forever with you baby". well i always thought it was "i wanna shooba-rooba with you baby". i know. a little embarrassing for a singer. especially one who prides herself on diction. my teachers would be so proud!

  6. I always misheard lyrics so don't think your the only one but my most embarassing one was when I was in high school. I was walking to the pool and humming what I thought was in my head. I was directing the orchestra that was permorming my song. In my own little world. When some guy crawled out from under his car he was working on and starting clapping. I wanted to find a rock and hide under. I guess I wasn't as too myself as I thought I was.

  7. Oh yes. I've done that SO often.

    There's a Christian song with background words "You are exalted" (or something like that) over and over and over.

    But I always hear, "I am a dolphin".

    And once it's in my head? Won't go away for AGES!

  8. Kp, I also thought (until I read your comment) that it was shooba-rooba. And I also just now learned from the website Crystal linked to that the Beatles' song 'Get Back' does NOT say "Jo-jo was a man who thought he was a woman, but he was another man". Whew.

  9. That song , "You're an allstar", or whatever it's called... The lyrics are "Hey, now. You're an allstar. Get your game on. Go... Play! Hey, now. You're a rockstar. Get the show on. Get... Paid!"

    I still have trouble not belting out "... Get the show on. Get... Laid!" Embarassing. :-)

  10. Ha! I needed this laugh! My husband gets lyrics wrong a lot and it really makes me laugh! But of course, I've done it too. Shhh. I'll try to think of a few songs I've messed up.

  11. My lyrics gone wrong:
    No Doubt's Walking into Spiderwebs
    Actual Line:
    No matter who calls
    I gotta screen my phone calls

    My Line:
    The Man in the Moon called
    I gotta screen my phone calls

    there are others, but that's my favorite

  12. Hilarious! I love that you can laugh at yourself....

  13. In the song, What a Feeling....the line that says "take your passion, and make it happen" I swore it said "take your pants off..and make it happen" woa - just a little R - rated there. But I have a hard time singing it the right way even though I know!


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