Those Pesky Alumni Shots




Our College has an alumni book which they publish quarterly.  In the back is a section where they put baby pics of the alumni's children (wearing their GCC shirts of course). 

When our son was born we were so excited to contact the school and get our tee shirt.  I remember taking the picture when he was around 10 mths old.  Our hard drive crashed the next day and while we did eventually get all the pictures back, when we did that GCC pic was no longer in the fore front of my mind. 

Then baby number two came along and I thought I might as well just take the pic with the two of them together.  But I never got around to getting that second shirt.

Enter baby number three...still no shot for the alumni newsletter. 

Last week my hubby was back at our college campus doing some recruiting for his work.  He paid a visit to the bookstore and now all three have their own paraphernalia. 

Of course getting the group shot is not an easy feat.  These were not exactly the pictures I wanted to share with our college graduates and friends. 

But, after taking (no lie) 31 pictures of the three of them in their new shirts, I settled on either of these pictures as being acceptable for the book.  Which do you like best? 

IMG_8407 IMG_8408

I e-mailed the college to find out where to send my pictures to and found out that  "our policy is to include only those children 3 years and under.  Therefore, the older one will be cropped out of the picture.  Or you could take another one of
just the 2 and 1 year olds and send that."

So, it looks like I am not done, but instead back to the drawing board again to take more pictures, this time of just the girls.  And my poor first born will miss out on the thrilling opportunity to have his picture in the alumni magazine, because his mommy didn't have her act together and waited 4 years to take his baby picture. 

**While, this doesn't in any way exactly qualify as Wordless, it is Wednesday and I am featuring photos, so I hope you can allow me that stretch.  For more truly wordless pictures, check out 5 Minutes for Mom.**



  1. That's a terrible policy! What about the poor kids that don't get included with the rest of the family??

  2. I had to smile....Reminds me of our annual Christmas photo card shoot. I'm lucky to get one good shot out of 50.

    Cute kids!

  3. No kids under three? That's not quite fair is it? Hey lady, just crop your older kid out of the photo...that's crazy.
    I like the second of the two you chose. Sure wish you could have them all in it. Makes it seem like you only have 2 kids.

  4. You have a beautiful family!! I love the little feet in the picture:-)

  5. How truely adorable, with personality shining through in every shot!

    Happy WW,

  6. How sad!! I don't like that policy either!
    I guess they have to draw a line somewhere though. :)

  7. You got some great shots out of that! I usually take 200 or so. LOL!

  8. Those shots are all too cute! What a bummer having to send in a picture of only the two girls...but I shouldn't talk. My two kids were never included in the alumni book at all - I never remembered to even take the pictures to try.

    At least you have some great shots of your kids for scrapbooking or a photo frame!

  9. If none of them make it to the alumni magazine - they all were SO CUTE and adorable on your website instead. We all appreciate the photo op!!! Only 31 attempts - huh :-)
    Or, send the baby picture that you did take of your first born in the first t-shirt and then send the girls picture!!! LOL

  10. Aw, bummer! All that work and now he won't be in the picture :( They're cute pictures anyway. I'd vote for #2 :)

  11. I vote for #2 and send it anyway. I also like your mom's idea of sending your son's baby photo and a photo of the 2 girls also and let them decide what they want to do. As frustrating as it is, they do get to set the rules and as children of God we want to follow the rules. If they decide to use #1 or #2 that is their call.

    No matter what the photos can make it into your yearly album.


  12. I never knew about the 3 and under rule - I guess I missed the boat on that as well! I initially thought picture #2, but now I'm leaning towards #1 - because you can see all their eyes - but I guess now it doesn't matter. Maybe you could take a picture of the girls, holding a picture of their brother in the GCC shirt. Stick to the rules, but make them work for you!

  13. Um, how many pictures did you and Scott have to take for your Yearbook superlative? These are DEFINITELY your kids. :o) They will just note in the Alumni Magazine that the girls joined their brother. So he will at least get mentioned but no photo unfortunately. I have seen photos in the mag with older kids. You could just send in the one of the three of them along with their birthdays and let them crop it if they don't want him in it.

  14. I just noticed how funny your son's poses are in these pictures...haha. He has always been photogenic. He has now taken it to a whole new level.


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