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I had a great time this past weekend in Dallas.  I learned TONS as I was challenged, inspired, and encouraged.  I also had just good ol', dining out, staying up late chatting with my girlfriends, singing karaoke... (yes, you read that correctly, funny how oddly comfortable, perhaps too comfortable you can feel in a room full of mommies late at night). 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first ever guest post.  A huge thanks to Aunt Karen for not only taking care of my kiddos, but for keeping my blog up to date with a new post.  It was hard for me to find a computer while at the conference, but I did manage a few minutes on the good ol' world wide web and when I read her post on Saturday, I laughed out loud as I could hear my son muttering, "why don't they just read the directions"  and when I read his comment about her butt I literally spit on the computer screen.  (Which yes was embarrassing to see all those little dots speckled on the screen as I was giggling over the anecdotes of my little circus family). 

OK enuf with the rambling.... now for the moment you've all been waiting for.....

the winner of my very first bloggy give away is....

drum roll please.....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-10-06 17:53:56 UTC


Please join me in congratulating

6karen p

you rock aunt karen!! and crystal i must say that i am extremely impressed by the list. every time i try to do this for a baby sitter i ALWAYS leave something out. seems like you got it all covered….well almost.


Turns out that dear Karen P is a friend of mine from HS, so I have her address already.  Karen, I'll be sending out your Mothers Of Preschoolers prize pack (which includes one copy of the book Corduroy, a Baby Genius DVD, AND a trendy little plastic bracelet which reads, "Better Moms Make a Better World) as soon as I can get the crew to the post office (hopefully by the end of this week). 


  1. glad you liked the post. :) and congrats Karen P! i LOVED the book "Corduroy" as a kid. enjoy!

  2. woo hoo!!! i never win anything!!! so exciting! and corduroy is one of our favorites too! yipee!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats Karen!
    I'm so glad you had a good time...I'm sure you needed it.

  4. Congratulations Karen!
    Please share some places to do and see in Dallas. We're heading out there for a few days later this month and I'm clueless about where to go.

  5. just thought i'd let you know that i got my prize today! i think it'll be cocoa with curdoroy after naps!


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