The Power of a Baby


What is it about baby animals that pull at a MommIMG_8895y's heart and make a genuine Cruella Deville like myself yearn to take them home?  Seriously, I am not an animal person.  You won't catch me bending down to pet your dog, ever.  And yet I found myself asking my husband if we could bring a goat home because they were "so cute".   Really they were... a mere 4 weeks old...look at them!  Don't you want one too?  And the piglets... a mere two weeks old had me ooing and aahing.  Pigs!  But I felt much like Fern as I looked at their cute little pink bodies all huddled together. 

As we drove home from from our trip to the petting farm today, I realized, that I am really just a big kid.   I was going on to my husband telling him all about my favorite parts of the morning.  I was so excited that I had goats eating from my hand and I got to hold a baby duckling!   I truly felt like I had just as much fun as my kids did.  And like a kid, those cute little, furry animals made me think, "Oh I want one."  forgetting about the extra work of cleaning, feeding, and taking care of them  As if this circus needs any more animals in it! 


I know we went to the petting zoo for the kids and I am so glad that they had a good time, but between you and me,  I think it's entirely possible that Mommy enjoyed it more than they did.  And it's all because of those babies!


  1. Awww, the baby goat is so cute! I don't blame you. :)

  2. It is simply the "mother" in you melting at the power of "babies" Glad that everyone had a great time - especially YOU :-)

  3. Can I say as a former goat owner that they are not only cute but make excellent pets. They live outside and eat weeds and a bit of grain. They don't require much work, money or time but respond well to love and affection. If you ever decide to take the plunge into goat ownership, make sure you get a younge female as males will butt you occasionally. I would also like to recommend chickens. Also easy and who doesn't love fresh eggs?

  4. i'm with Andrea - i think you should get a goat!!! :) the neighbors might not like it.... do you think you need a permit or something? hmmm... i'd do some research.

  5. Aw, I hope you can get one! However, your circus may be turning in to a zoo! lol

  6. Oh you have so much fun It will be great to look at these in later years You might not like the goat when it gets to be bigger they are not cute


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