Deep Thoughts with Father Abraham


Ya know the kids song, "Father Abraham"?  It's typically popular with Sunday School and VBS kids everywhere.  When I taught third grade it was a fav of my students. 

Not such a hit with my four year old.  I've said he's analytical, and he proved that point.

We're driving along in the minivan listening to a Kids Praise CD when "Father Abraham" comes on.  I'm singing along in my head not really paying much attention when my son asks, "Why does it say I am one of them?"

Me:  Well because Abraham was the Father of many people.  He had sons who had sons who had son who had sons who had you.

Son:  But you and Daddy are my parents, I am not Abraham's son

Me:  Well, I think it is talking about Abraham being the Father of God's people

(Honestly, I have never given this much thought to the song).

Pause...while song continues...

Son:  And what do they mean by right arm?  What's it talking about?

Me:  Well it's just a gesture you can do while your listening to the song.  I attempt to show him the gestures while driving down the road.  You can picture me swinging my arms and stomping my feet. 

He is not impressed.     


Me:  It's just a fun song. 

Son:  No comment


Sheesh, tough crowd, huh?  In all seriousness, I am grateful that he listens to the words of the song.  I'm glad he asks questions and doesn't just accept everything he hears as fact.  I hope and pray that this continues through his adolescent years.   In the mean time, I am working hard to as 1 Peter 3:15 states, to "be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."   As a mother, I need to be sharp and ready with answers for my children and I need to seize these opportunities in the midst of every day life to teach my children.


  1. I have done the Father Abraham jig in the van, too...not an easy feat. I'm not sure where it gets dicey...the right and left hand off the steering wheel or when you combine the chin up movement with it. Either way giggles eventually make their way from the backseat.

    I'm not to the point, yet, where my son is asking me poignant questions about the song.

    Those will be good times, though. I look forward to him putting the pieces of his faith together. He just started "praying." It's so cute.

    Great post.

  2. Cute! I have to agree with your son -- it's not one of my favorite songs either.

    One of my kiddos asked me yesterday: "Joey's Dad says Halloween is devilish. Why did he say that?"

    *blink* *blink blink*

  3. You just have to love the mind of a child :-)
    He reminds me of both his mother and father - no grey, always black and white; and WHY is it so??? You have a great mind developing there!!

  4. Remember how Joan Harris hated Father Abraham? Maybe that is why :) I totally agree with your son that it is totally a lame song. It makes people look dumb and doesn't have any really good theology. Actually it is not the looking dumb that bothers me as I am perfectly happy to "march in the infantry, Ride in the calvary, and shoot the enemy."

  5. Sounds like a smart kid. And you know, a lot of boys just listen to the music and not the lyrics. He sounds like a deep thinker.
    I better start now to be prepared for madi's questions!

  6. "I need to be sharp and ready with answers"

    with your kids, i'm not entirely sure the above is possible. so inquisitive! i'm sorry he doesn't like the song. i was always fond of it myself. we didn't go to one of those snake-handling churches so this was the closest i came to dancing church. :)


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