That much anticipated Weekend Review


Yea, so let me explain my absence...

I must confess Friday night was more laziness than anything else, as I started a post, still have it in my draft, but the creative juices weren't flowing like I wanted so I opted to read a book and go to bed early (as in before midnight) to get ready for my BIG morning...


I ran in the Baltimore Half Marathon. 


Awesome finish line reception, don't ya think?  When I saw my family at mile 12, I gave them high fives and my son yelled to me, "Save some sweat for me Mom!" He wanted to watch me wipe the sweat off my face with his sweat band that he had me wear.  It really is the little things that make their day, ya know?

It wasn't a problem to save him some sweat.  As I had LOTS.

After the race, I was dead tired.  Didn't even want to eat.  We went home and my hubby put the kids down for naps and I went and laid on my bed and read a book all afternoon.

So relaxing.

When the kids woke we snuggled on the couch with a movie (because I couldn't move) and had a very low key Saturday evening.  In which I managed to bake some chocolate chip cookies with the kids, but only had the energy to make chicken salad sandwiches for dinner.  Hmm.... what does that tell you about me?

I polished off this book (the one I started Friday night) after the kids went to bed.


Not my normal pick of book, but I must confess I got swept up in the love story and devoured it.  Because,

I am a sap.

Sunday we had Sunday School and church followed by a trip to our local volunteer fire station open house where the kids got to shoot the fire hose, climb inside the fire truck and even eat hot dogs inside the station.  It was hard to tell which aspect they enjoyed the most.


My kids were on cloud nine.

We came home and all took naps before my son and I were off to catechism class.   And I was still walking around like a robot as my legs were the most sore they have been.  EVER.

I know that was probably way more info than you wanted or needed on my weekend.  Kind of a literal play by play.   I guess I could have just said, we were busy and been done with it.  But really, who is reading my blog because of my conciseness? 

I sat down several times and started various posts, but I think my body was still recovering from Saturday and my mind was trying to catch up with our calendar and it just wasn't coming together.  Top it off with a Monday full of responsibilities with some laundry and dishes on the side, and blogging didn't make the schedule. 

But, I am happy to say I am back and thanks to those several half written blog posts, I am well on my way to my posts for the rest of the week.  :-)


  1. Congratulations on your run! I would have been completely exhausted. You have a very busy weekend! Hope your week goes well now that you've got a start on blog posts.

  2. Wow - great job! I'm so impressed! And yes - please pass along your decorating ideas- I haven't decided on anything yet...

  3. Wow!! Great job!! I had no idea you were doing that. Was it your first half marathon?

  4. Congratulations! I did the Disney 1/2 back in January and it was a lot of fun. I agree that the best part was being greeted by my family at the end. Keep resting those legs!

  5. GREAT job on the half marathon!!! I wish I could have been there with you, but I was cheering for you from afar, and maybe I can join you next year. :)

    As for not being able to move afterward...I'd say you earned some time to rest! Way to go!

  6. I admit that I got tired just looking at the pictures of the marathon you actually ran. I am in true awe.

    You go with your bad self. :)

    I hope the soreness eases up soon! Any cookies left???

  7. You are really kicking some serious booty with your running!!

  8. These are great pictures of you Crystal! Great job! It is great how they are all so supportive of you.


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