I Run Like a Mommy


My son told me he knew what I should wear on a tee shirt.  He came up with this slogan out of the blue the other day.


"I run like a mommy and my kids cheer all the time when I run

and my husband works so good like a dad, he's awesome!"


I'm not exactly sure what it means to run like a Mommy. 


But after recently receiving the photos from the race photographers, I realized that I learned a valuable lesson at my A10 race which I applied when running my half marathon.  


No matter how tired and close to death you may feel,

image image image

Put on a happy face when you see the race photographers. 

image image image


  1. So proud of your "Mommy Running" Keep up the great fun!!!!

  2. LOL, you look like a champ, tired OR smiling for the camera!

    When your son begins printing shirts with his new slogan, I'll sport one too (if I ever feel up to running again)! Gotta support family businesses, ya know? :P

  3. Wow- I can't believe you can get that look on your face when you feel so bad! When I work out for more than 30 minutes there is no way a smile is coming over my face! Hope you are doing good!

  4. At least he didn't say you run like a girl.

    From a boy, that's not a compliment, I don't think.

    Secondly, the beef is a wonderful convenience. It hurts shelling out the money for it all at once, but by and large we save a lot doing it that way. I've begged my dad for a "family discount" but it falls on deaf ears.

    Stroganoff sounds delicious. We do not have flank steaks, but that could be because I've never asked the butcher to cut them that way. I didn't know you could do anything special with a flank steak. To me it sounds like something you find on a pirate ship. Plank, flank, it's all the same.

    Roast is on the menu for tomorrow.

    Stroganoff is gonna make it next week. Yum.

  5. We need to perfect the princess wave when running...

  6. I love his t-shirt idea....you should totally do it!!! You did good to look go good in the middle of your run. There is no way I could do it!

  7. The great runner in our family.

  8. Those pictures are fanTASTic! You've gotta love second chances and lessons learned! :) Jake and I can't stop laughing about this entry...thanks for sharing your family funnies and personal ones, too ;)

    And I don't know if I've written it before or not, but I am always captivated by the Compassion ad you have scrolling...Thanks for having that up. It's a beautiful conviction.

  9. I am just still so impressed! You should be so proud of yourself.

  10. You finished….under your own strength & vertical, right?

    Can’t get much better than that!

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

    (Just a suggestion for your next run: don’t pump your arms - I think this might explain your shoulder positions in the photos-; you can help prevent this during training by not folding your arms; relax your arms and you’ll save energy!–Just trying to help but finishing a 1/2 marathon is a tremendous feat!!)


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