Oh Yes I Did



Isn't she a cutie? I'm embarrassed to admit that twice in the last week I took my poor baby girl out in these shoes.  Yea... go ahead take a closer look incase you missed it at first.   Same style, but ummm different color.  The first was on a Sunday morning.  I was doing that mad dash for the door b/c we were already going to be late and I was literally just grabbing whatever shoe I could find with hopes that by the time I reached the door I'd have at least one match in my hand (and banking on that fact that if I didn't, the other half would be waiting in the van). 

Yea... no such luck. 

I absently stuck both shoes on her feet "just to get to the van"  with the plan of taking them off before I dropped her off in the nursery.  But, as I handed her over to the nursery worker, I looked down at her feet and realized I'd never taken care of that detail. 


IMG_9061Later that week we were heading to the grocery store and I was scrambling to get shoes on everyone's feet and get out the door before it was too close to nap time to be reasonable enough to go, when the only shoes I could find were the misfits.


So, when my poor daughter grows up with no sense of style or fashion, she can justifiably blame her mother.


  1. Oh man, Crystal--I don't know whether this makes it better or worse, but every time I've seen her (including Sunday) with those shoes it's been one pink and one lavender and I assumed that they WERE a pair. I though it was so cute that they made one of each color, a "fashion forward" statement, like when we used to layer our socks in contrasting colors back in elementary school.

  2. LOL - my first thought was - she HAS shoes on :-) Then, it reminded me of your Punky Brewster days!?!?!
    I am sure she will grow up just fine:-)

  3. Well, they DO coordinate, so I would say it works. :)

  4. Her little face is so cute, I bet no one even noticed. :)
    Ha ha! My father in law still does this...and he's 74!

  5. well she doesn't seem to mind a bit. though, now i'm waiting for the day when she says, "um, Aunt Karen? mom's planning to take me shopping today. can you take me instead?"

    don't worry, i'll talk you up big while we're cruising the mall.


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