Under The Big Top


Last week we took our kids to the circus. We couldn't help but notice the many similarities between life at our house and life under the big top.

At the circus, they had people who could stand on their hands. We've got that.

There were wild animals which had been tamed. Yup, we've got that too.

There were also people hanging upside down from their legs. We've got that too.

And let's not forget those darling clowns...

The circus was incredibly loud. We sat by the entrance where the performers came into the ring. Three motor cycles raced right beside us and into a cage where they raced around in circles. My husband and I were prepared for the kids to scream and cry at the loud noises... to startle... to react in some way.

Instead, here is a picture of our baby in her classic "putting herself to sleep pose" (sucking her left two fingers while stroking her right ear) while the action is taking place only feet in front of us. Hmm... do you think she's accustomed to a little bit of noise at our house?

Guess that's why we call it Life At The Circus!!


  1. haha! that's too funny. great pictures, crystal. :)

  2. Yes - I can see the great similarity! Looks like a great time for everyone.

  3. I can so relate. I'm a fine zookeeper too!

  4. Crystal,
    I found you through Karen and I totally love your blog. You are so right that life with 3 feels like a three ring circus. Know you are not alone I too have 3 and feel like I am pulled in three directions at once and can't find the way up sometimes. Keep trucking sister and we will make it!
    Cindy Sears


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