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If any of you are like me you love buying cards. Actually, if your anything like me you have three kids and you used to love buying cards. I remember the good old days when a friend and I would go to Hallmark and spend too much time reading, laughing, picking out cards. It was relaxing. I enjoyed finding those perfect cards to give to people. I enjoyed it so much that I would eagerly try to come up with people whose birthdays or special days were approaching somewhere in the next month. I also had quite the reputation for always getting people cards on time. Those days are over.

Now I put off trips to Hallmark hoping for a time when I am by myself. That rarely never happens so I end up going to Hallmark when it is too late and now I am picking cards under pressure and with 3 kids in tow! I have tried the double stroller approach with the hope that, having two under restraints, I'd only have to keep one eye on one child and have the whole other eye to read cards. But, you have to play this game of putting the stroller in exactly the right spot so that kids can't reach the cards on either side AND people can walk by you (if you're ever that person please have compassion and walk around the stroller - yes, we know it is in the center of the aisle). I once went card shopping and after finally picking the card I looked over to find my child had dumped about 25 cards from different stacks all over the floor. Seems I gave too much attention to the card.

Today I opted for the single stroller. I thought I could put the two year old in the stroller, carry the baby and let the four year old stand quietly beside me. Hallmark has now come out with musical cards (which by the way I LOVE... they are so fun!). My kids love them too... if it wasn't tempting enough to open those pretty pictures sitting right at eye level, now they play music or talk... While I am trying to read cards, I hear the chicken dance, the Beatles, and the Mexican hat dance. Between cards one could hear me say, "Don't touch that. Put that back. Stand still. Don't go over there. " Meanwhile my baby is squirming in my arms and she has gotten quite strong (and heavy). Somehow I manage to pick out the cards needed (No longer the relaxing experience it used to be)!

Sadly, even if I manage to buy my cards early b/c I was thinking ahead, I then stick it on the counter where it gets forgotten until the occasion arrives. Then I try to find a quiet time to sit and write that perfect message. This is quite often interrupted. When the card finally gets signed it then has to be addressed. This means the card will sit on the counter for a few days until I manage to look up the address.

ONCE all of the above has occurred, I now have to go buy stamps. You would think I would have a stash somewhere but I can never seem to find it.

A week later the card is bought, signed, addressed, stamped... and after a FEW MORE days sitting on the counter waiting to be brought to the mailbox... it is mailed.

Case in point, I bought a congrats card for a friends pregnancy 1 month ago which is in the bought, signed, waiting to be addressed stage (I hope to get it mailed before she goes into labor). Today I bought my mom's Mother's day card. Let's see if it gets mailed in time...for Father's Day.


  1. kudos to you crystal for the valliant attempt! i gave up long ago and have embraced ecards as the only viable option for me. i'm sure it is appalling in the world of ettiquite, but i've had to let that one go too. love you!

  2. LOL LOL again!! You have fallen off the Card Sending Pedestal! Welcome to the world of late card senders - however now that I have an empty nest, I am ahead again - finally.

  3. See you have been waiting for my reply. You are like some of us .

  4. I forgot to say I am at the other end of like and now I just forget mema

  5. My solution for the card dilemna is Current catalogue. Yes, it's sad, but I get a huge pack of generic birthday cards. Then, 5 minutes before we run out the door to the party, I grab one. I write a somewhat thoughtful note on the way over (assuming my husband is driving!), sign it (he signs it at the red lights), and we're good to go! Mailing them on time, if that is required, is still tough. But oh well!


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