Under the Big Top (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted about how similar our life is to the real circus we visited last week. I would now like to point out two unfortunate differences.

At the circus they have these men dressed in all black that come into the ring between acts and clean up. They remove equipment, clean up poop, and set up for the next act. I need these men at my house. Imagine if after the meal (act 1) these men just instantly appeared and quietly, miraculously, cleaned up the mess when we move on to playtime (act 2). Then, when suddenly it is time for act 3 (get out the door to go to wherever we're going) these men appear again to clean up the mess we left in our wake (ie, the pjs, toys, oh and don't forget the poop)!! I want that.

The other unfortunate difference has to do with safety. I pointed out yesterday that we have acrobats and tumblers at our house, just like at the circus. Their performers enjoyed a network of safety nets (assembled by the men in black) which insure their shenanigans are performed safely. We lack the safety net. If only our house was draped with nets so that when the kids lunged off of the couch, I'd know they wouldn't bump their head on the coffee table. I'd breath a lot easier at the park if I could just tie a safety line to my daughter when she went on the playground equipment. Then I'd know she was safe if she decided to just walk off of one of those random openings at the very top of the playground.

I guess our life is not exactly like the circus after all. My son pointed out another difference when we were watching one of the trapeze artists hang from a bar from her legs while juggling. He leaned over and said to me, "Mom you couldn't do that!" He is so right, I couldn't even manage to climb up onto the trapeze. I still consider myself to be a juggler though!


  1. 1) i'm sure if you put your mind to it, you COULD juggle and trapeze! He doesn't give you enough credit!
    2) it looks like your two year old has a lovely toy dangling from her 'long stick'. what's dangling off of your son's? surely it isn't the sippy cup. is he more excited about the stick than the stuffed animal (that probably laying on the grass?)

  2. I'm pretty sure the kids think we do have the "men in black" at our house. I've even heard them lovingly refer to her as "Mommy" :-)


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