Everybody Dance Now

The other day I discovered a way to occupy my kids for a good 15-20 min, which many of you know is an eternity in Mommy time.

Wanna know the secret?

I let them play with my clock radio. I plugged it in and placed it on the floor in the living room. They had a blast taking turns turning it off and on and changing radio stations. It was more fun then Mommy turning on the stereo, because they had control of turning it on and off as well the fun of switching the music from station to station.

While they danced, I was able to clean the kitchen and pack our clothes (I could have done more, but I got distracted watching them and had to get it on video). Check out the music video below from my productive morning. I know everyone thinks their own home movies are funny, but since I peed my pants when I saw son do his fancy footwork in front of the TV, I knew I had to share. I think you'll enjoy it too.

Let me just answer a few questions now.

  • Yes, it is noon and my son is still in his PJ's

  • No, my husband and I don't dance like that (we don't think)

  • The leg lift move is new to us too

  • We aren't charismatic though it appears my daughter wants us to be

The clock radio Worked For Me. Check out Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for other helpful tips.


  1. Too cute! They can boogie. My kids love music. I'll have to try this!

  2. I love how little sisters universally copy big brother's dance moves!

  3. Way to move!! Our next dancing with the stars!!!
    Sister has the beat.

  4. That is a good idea..we had an older little portable radio in the garage that no one used so one day when I needed some time....I saw it and grabbed it..gave it to my 2 year old and he played with it for at least a half an hour...amazing isnt it?

  5. Hoo-whee! Those kids can groove!

    Speaking of peeing in pants: "No, my husband and I don't dance like that (we don't think)." HAHAHA!! That's funny!

    I love how your girl totally mimics your boy, that is TOO SWEET!

  6. haha that is so cute... Your son does the same thing my 3 1/2 does that fast criss cross action with his feet LOL :)

  7. i'm crying, i've been laughing so hard! that is tooo funny. He really has the breakdancer thing going on, doesn't he? and the tambourine is a nice touch, too! i can't wait to come and dance with them!


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