Sometimes Practice Doesn't Make Perfect


Looking at this picture one would assume I was preparing to dive into the swimming pool. Don't be fooled. Despite being on the swim team for 5 summers and having literally every adult I knew work with me one on one, I never learned to dive. This is me looking the part before I belly flopped into the swimming pool.

Starting in about 3rd grade and going through the end of middle school, I spent every summer on the swim team. I actually enjoyed it even though I was not very good. I could swim all of the strokes and I loved practice because you really only had to get in the pool once, then you just swam lap after lap. Swimming laps I could handle. Diving and doing the flip turns was another story. My flip turns were more like flip half turns. I really liked the back stroke because I could start in the water. My first year I was great at back stroke because you only had to do one lap of the pool. I never really excelled in swimming because despite how fast I could go down the lane, the late start from the dive-flop and the delay from the half-flippy-turn around slowed me down. Sometimes I got to go to the Divisional Championships. This wasn't because I was "SO GOOD" but more because their were few enough swimmers in the category that I "qualified." I distinctly remember looking up my standing at the Divisional Swim Meet and seeing they ranked me 18 of 18 going into the meet. All I had to do was show up and I could attain the goal set for me by my coach, if I beat ANYone then I exceeded expectations. Nice to have no pressure!! (I never exceeded these expectations)

I can remember every coach I had pulling me aside to work on diving, life guards during free swim, my mom, my parents friends, LITERALLY every grown up I knew that knew how to swim spent time working with me on diving. Eventually I learned a sort of dive flop... not a full out belly flop, but still not a complete dive.

I am thankful I did learn to swim and I do enjoy swimming. To this day I prefer to just get in and do laps and I stay away from the diving board. I would be happy to teach my kids to swim, but they'll have to learn to dive from their father.

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  1. LOL Oh how I LOVE flash back Thursdays. What sweet memories!
    Being a mom doesn't require perfect dives and flip turns, but you are great at diving right into the tasks and really quick to be there for your children (I believe multiple flip turns fill your day)

  2. We didnt have swim team where I grew up and I LONG for the chance to do them now. Why did we always look like were terrified going off of every single diving board when WE were the GOOBS who got on there in the first place? :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Well Behaved Krissy

  3. At least you looked cute in your swimming suit!

  4. Don't worry , I can't dive either. :(

  5. Oh, that's priceless. You do look cute! And do you really need to know how to dive? I, mean, I learned, but I NEVER dive anymore! So, you didn't miss out on much really. And you got to use this great story at a Carnival. Life is so nice that way :D

  6. Diving is seriously, OVER-RATED.
    I still have water burns from all my attempts at diving...but I swimlike a fish, and fish belong inthe water,not adiving board. Right?

  7. I cannot dive to save my soul. Belly flop anyone? And the more they "worked" with me the worse it got. Glad someone else can relate.

  8. I never was able to do the dive/turn thing either. It just never worked out that way. I stopped swimming after water went up my nose when my sister was trying to teach me. It was not a fun experience.

  9. I think belly flops should count. Or as a kid of the 70s... "The Nestea Plunge". Do you recall that commercial?!

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  10. You look adorable getting ready for your bellyflop. I still don't know how to swim, and wouldn't bellyflop if you paid me to. Brownie points from me to you for having the guts to jump off of anything into the water!

  11. Linda@Gotta Grow With ItThursday, May 15, 2008

    Great post...yes, something is in the sunshine thinking about swimsuits huh? Do you ever think back at those swim meets. How our parents drove to the ends of the earth, every weekend, to see us swim for a few minutes! I can still remember hearing my mom's cheers from under the water. Thanks for stopping by, it is nice to meet ya!

  12. Although I can dive and do ALMOST every stroke, the "freestyle" alludes me. My left side, perfect, my right .........meehhh. All the "instructors" were amazed I could breaststroke, backstroke, even butterfly, but heck to the no on the freestyle. We are egnimas!

  13. Well, at least you "mastered" the swimming part. I never did. I can swim, but with no grace of form. :)
    Oh, and you did look cute.

  14. Well you learned sooner than I did. I dove once or twice during swim lessons - think watermelon roll off of the side of the pool - and that was it. I still can't swim worth a penny.

    And aren't you cute in your little stripey swimsuit!

    Be blessed.



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