Bad Guys Beware


Since Christmas my 4 year old son has built up quite a weapons arsenal.

A few days before Christmas my sister in law called to ask if it was OK for our son to have a toy gun for Christmas. Since we had just been to the store looking for one, I think our answer was pretty obvious.

In January my husband built wooden swords for him and my son to practice sword fighting. Since they were made of wood, they had to stay out of reach and could only be brought down when he was playing with Daddy. From day one my husband has taught him that swords are not for hitting together, the goal is to go for the body. Not quite the approach I would have taken but I must admit that he's gotten pretty good.

My husband and I purchased soft swords to replace the wooden swords as his birthday gift. These ones are safe enough for everyone to play with (important when aiming for the torso).

A few days before my sons birthday, a friend called to see what if it was OK for our son to have a Nerf gun. Hmmm.... what do you think we said?

Only four months after his fist gun we had entered the world of projectile weapons. It started with nerf but last week my son decided to add to his collection yet again. He was using a coat hanger as a pretend bow when he asked my husband if they could make it a real one (came up with the idea all by himself). He and Daddy went down to the work room and made it happen. Took him a full day master the loading and aiming but he got it down.

Then he turned his plastic bowling ball into a cannon. For days he's had us count down to 5, scream "Fire Away" and then he leaps from the chair and throws the ball across the room at the pirate ship (aka couch).

6 weapon systems in 5 months. Bad guys beware, this is one well defended house!


  1. My HERO!! I feel so safe now.

  2. Hey, who needs an watchdog or alarm system when you have a human-powered cannon?

  3. I just can't help but think...... READY, AIM, FIRE!!!!!

  4. I feel like I may be turning my son into a wuss because I really have never did the weapon thing. Cute pictures though.

  5. Seems like they'll turn just about anything into a weapon, even if you give them a carrot or something instead of a weapon!

  6. The great wooden sword... great moment in every boy's life.

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  8. I have three boys with wood around here. Luckily they're also interested in books and computers. (they're a little older) the sword playing is good exercise though.

  9. Ooh... CJ would LOVE to hang at your house. We're in one of those neighborhoods where you have to hide the toy weapons for playdates lest you be judged... I envy your ability to hang it all out there (not to mention your excellent security system!)


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