Baby Sisters don't make good baby dolls


Last week my two year old wanted desperatly to hold my 9 month old. This is a practice I don't generally encourage, unless I am trying to take a picture of the kids together, then it's used as a bribe. Let Mommy take your picture and you can hold your sister! This time however, it went the other way around...Mommy you can take a picture if you let me hold my sister.

Don't they look so cute all lined up in a row? Do you see the look of pride in big sister's face?

"OK, sis your squeezing me a little too tightly!"

"That's it! I am out of here!"

"Uh-oh, Where did she go?"

At least she can still hold her baby doll.


  1. This is hilarious (we have some similar problems over here)! Poor little sis, it must be tough to handle that much toddler love!

  2. Haha! We know all about this at our house, too!


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