Pictures of our Life


I haven’t had time to really update the blog lately.  In fact, I have found my days to be quite full now that we are in full swing with our school and extra curricular activities.  Bursting at the seams full. 

But, I have whipped the camera out a few times, so I decided today to download them and at least try to preserve some memories of everyday life around here.

Football is a big time favorite past time around here.  The kids love making plays and having their own games in the backyard… the tee ball stand and folding chair are their yard markers.  They take turns being defenders and wide receivers and quarter back.  Sometimes they even do a running play or two with a RB.


We’ve had a lot of “wildlife” visitors round here…  We also have a turtle that lives in our yard and makes an appearance from time to time.  Today we decided to name Percy. We have also spotted a green snake (eeww).  Check out the praying mantis on our front door.


Wendy and Cartwheel have fully immersed themselves into our family. They are an active part of each of our days and participants in our homeschooling as well.

The cat is so patient.  Tolerating snuggles and love. She also patiently listens to math flashcard lessons and read alouds.



Wendy also sits patiently through school lessons. Either by our side or at our feet.


And sometimes they both sit with us.


Sisters working together on math… love the random costumes that pop into our school days.



I have to say, I am liking our rhythm of life these days.  It’s busy.  But fun.


  1. The circus is alive and hopping fun.
    Blessings and Love

  2. Love it! These pictures say it all. :)

  3. Just makes me laugh and smile and feel so happy from catching up on circus life. Thanks for the cute post.


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