More Fall Fun

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This weekend was full of hayrides and pumpkins.  Friday afternoon we went with some families from our 1st graders class to a pumpkin patch. 


It was beautiful.  Hay rides are so fun.  I am a sucker for them.  How can you not have fun riding around on the back of a tractor looking at sunflowers and pumpkins?


My youngest child particularly enjoyed the hay ride and seeing some chickens and goats.

Then of course we got to pick our pumpkins.





Then this morning the girls had their fall outing with the gymnastics team.  They got to spend the morning with their big sis/lil sis on a hay ride and corn maze.  As an added treat, my 3 year old unexpectedly got to ride on the hayride as well b/c there was extra room on the second wagon.  He was thrilled and I was grateful for the unexpected treat.  It can be rough being the youngest… often getting drug around to the events of your older siblings.  As I sat with him on the hay ride and listened to him point out the cows, and the birds, and the sheep, and the horses, I recalled being at that same farm probably 6 years ago with his older brother on my lap. 

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  1. Enjoy these very precious times. Looks like everyone is enjoying fall as much as their Mom


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