A Startling Realization

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A few weeks ago Scott and I attended the wedding of a friend of ours from high school.  As we sat there watching, I had this rather startling realization. 

Weddings are different for me now than they used to be.  I can remember going to wedding for friends when we were in college.  As I rejoiced with our friends over the start of their life together, I also found myself taking note of things I’d like to do in my own wedding “someday.”    Then in the years shortly after we were married, each wedding would instantly bring me back to our own.  As I watched the bride walk down the aisle, I’d also look up to see the look on the groom’s face.  I’d remember the way Scott looked at me on our wedding day. 

At this wedding when we watched the bride walk down the aisle, Scott leaned over and said, “Man, I am going to be a puddle on the floor when I walk our girls down the aisle.”  When the father of the bride gave a speech at the reception and he talked about “what happened to his little girl who just yesterday was yea high”  my throat constricted a bit in my chest as I thought of our own kids just yea high… and then the mother/son dance.  Oh man… that dance has never been the same for me since I had my boys.   Both sets of parents handled the day with great dignity and grace.  I marveled at how they did it. 

And as I sat talking with Scott at the reception table, I realized the great paradigm shift which had occurred.  Somewhere in the 12 years we’ve been married, we’ve found ourselves relating to the roles of parents of the bride and groom!  How did that happen?  There were still moments when we watched, that I was taken back to our special day.  When they said their vows and exchanged their rings, I held Scott’s hands and remembered our own sacred vows.  But, man, my heart found itself hurting for that momma as she danced with her boy!  Much like most everything else life, my perspective is different now that I’m a mom myself.  Weddings just aren’t the same as they used to be….they are so much more. 

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  1. OHHH You are growing older. And WHEN did that happen to our little yea high girl :-) Keep making those wonderful memories while you can!!!


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