One For the Books


My dad called me last week and said he had 3 tickets to the Steelers/Ravens game if we wanted to come join him.    His boss had generously given his tickets to my Dad and my parents generously offered to share them with us.  I quickly called Scott who said, “Yes, we’ll make it work.”    And make it work we did.

Our weekend was already jam packed with commitments so the only way to make it back was to drive from Annapolis to Pittsburgh and back in one day. 

We spent roughly 10 hours in the car and about 6 and a half hours in Pittsburgh.  But those moments in the burgh were worth every mile.


Last year when we were invited by my dad Scott toyed with giving his ticket to our oldest son.  In the end we decided he wasn’t quite old enough to fully appreciate the experience.  But, I knew photo (18)this year the time was right.  Last year he played fall and spring flag football.  He can follow plays.  This year he played fantasy football with us using NFL rush, a fun kid version of fantast football, which has introduced him to players all across the NFL.  He has loved it.  And he’s watched every single game with us on TV… start to painful finish all season long as well as some none Steelers games he wanted to follow due to his fantasy team.  He gets football.  He loves football.  And what better place for his first NFL gamphoto (19)e than Heinz Field and what better game than against our biggest rivals the Baltimore Ravens?  I knew the time was right.  I gave him my ticket.  Scott offered to let me go with my dad and our son, but truthfully, as much as I love football, especially Steelers football, I wanted Scott to be there with him for his first NFL game. 

We took the whole family to Pittsburgh and while the 3 big guys watched at Heinz Field, My mom and I took the other 3 next door to this concert venue called AE stage.


It was a big warehouse type room that had a HUGE movie screen televising the game.  We were able to bring in our snacks and food, watch from “stadium like” seats in a warm, fun, family friendly environment.  It was PERFECT.  The place wasn’t all that crowded b/c it is used more for tailgating before and after the game… during the game, most people are actually AT the game, so we had room to breath which was nice with 3 kids.  

IMG_7052stadium seat (16)

photo (20)

IMG_7039Prior to the game, we enjoyed walking around Point State Park and around Heinz Field.  My kids have spent very little time in the city of Pittsburgh.  So it was super fun for them to walk by Heinz Field.  Also, since we live in enemy territory and are used to living in a sea of purple and black, it was super fun to be in the city for all the hoopla and festivities with thousands of other Steelers fans.  It was a rare treat for us. 

Of course, what made it truly awesome, was that not only were we in Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play the Ravens, but we were in Pittsburgh to see the Steelers BEAT the Ravens! 

photo (17)

It made the drive home SO, SO much more enjoyable!  Thanks to Dale for so generously sharing your tickets with Dad.  And thanks Dad and Mom for sharing this opportunity with us.  It was a memory filled day we will all cherish. 


  1. WE are soooo happy for you, on soooo many levels.

  2. So so awesome! Another great memory for the lil' ones! I love that you guys make it work!

  3. What a great afternoon it was!! Such fun and great weather. BUT to top it all off - a last second WIN over the Ravens! Yahoo!!!!!! Love the terrific pictures.


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