Ode to 3


I love the age of 3.  I really feel like the personality of your child fully starts to emerge at 3.  And 3 year olds are funny.  I love their sense of humor and logic and cute little mispronounciations.  And they start to pretend.  3 is really fabulous in my humble opinion and I am most def going to mourn the passage of time when I no longer have a 3 year old in the house.  Maybe even more than the lack of an infant.  After all 3 year olds sleep through the night and use the potty.  Smile 

This week my 3 year old said to me

“Mom you have black hair and I have yellow hair.  So you are a monkey and I am not.”

“What?  Why am I monkey?”

“Because you have black hair.  I have yellow hair so I am not a monkey.”

I know I wrote this on facebook, but I am recording this one here too.

“Hey Mom, ya know what is funny?”


“See ya later alligator.”

That is funny.  After while crocodile.

“No, Mom, No.  That is not what is funny.  What is funny is See you later alligator.”

Another thing I love about 3 year olds, is their new sense of style and fashion.  When my 3rd child was three I posted about her NUMEROUS outfit changes in one day.  Well, her brother also likes to change his look, but instead of changing clothes, he simply adds a layer.  It is a rare day around here when you find him wearing simply one shirt.  He likes to pile them on top.  Especially when he wears Steelers jerseys (which is pretty much for at least some portion of EVERY day of his life).  Why wear one jersey when you can wear three?  I’ll put him down for nap or bed and it NEVER fails, when he wakes up I find a different shirt on top of what he was wearing when he went to bed.  Yesterday I posted on facebook:

6- the number of shirts my 3 year old is wearing

3- the number of Steelers jerseys he is wearing

When I drove him to his siblings practices, I could barely squeeze him into his car seat b/c he was so thick.  He looked like either a munchkin or a fully padded football player.   But, when I got home from going out with a friend last night, he came out to say goodnight and I noticed he added YET ONE MORE shirt to his layered look.

photo (15)

He kept on all 7 layers until the next day when I suggested we take them off before heading to the dentist. 

He makes me laugh and smile every single day and I am truly enjoying getting to know his unique personality. 


  1. But you only have to put the top layer in the laundry right?!?!?!
    Unless he keeps adding to the top :-(
    He is a cutie.

  2. That is too funny! I've never heard of a kid doing that. He is truly one of a kind! Tell him he can borrow all of my boys' shirts when he's here. :)


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