Ya Never Know What They’ll Say Next


Yesterday my girls had me in stitches with the things they were saying.  I had to go write them down so I wouldn’t forget.


Me:  After you eat we are going to go run some errands
3 year old:  Erin, whose Erin?
Me:  no, we are going to go to some stores
3 year old:  Well, can Erin stay with us while you go to the store?
My 3 yr old came running to me crying over a  boo boo.

I kiss it

3 yr old:  That didn't help (I inwardly lament the fact that my kiss has lost its magical power when I hear my almost 5 yr old say to her,
”Sometimes when daddy kisses my boo boos it doesn't help, even though he is a good kisser.”


The girls always have their “baby Eli’s” with them wherever they go.  Feeding them, snuggling them, they are always at their sides.  So yesterday when they were watching Snow White I thought it odd to see their baby dolls tucked into the doll crib.  I brought them out to them and my oldest daughter said, “No, we are watching grown up TV right now.  They have to stay in their beds.”


I posted this on face book on Sunday, but wanted to record it here so I’d have a record of it.   Sunday afternoon I caught my 3 yr old singing on the potty….

“"We went to church... We worshiped God in church. We ate Chill-ee, we ate chill-ee... God in three persons blessed trinity"


I just love this age and the cute little things that come out of their mouths.  For more of the funny things that come out of lil ones mouths, be sure to visit Mary’s blog for Tiny Talk Tuesday.


  1. Oh my goodness. If my name were Erin I would totally be monopolizing on their nifty idea. Who doesn't need an Erin for their errands? Priceless.

    I can't believe they were watching "grown up t.v." That is seriously too much.

    And that last one. Well, it's the funniest one of all, perhaps. Because to work church, chili, and the trinity in the same song is mad talent. If she can play an instrument, you've got yourself a songwriter. =)

    They're so cute.

  2. LOL!!! You keep me in stitches. Just love those grandkids to death!!

  3. Ditto that, Grandma.

  4. I was down at you made me laugh Thank you. Love you 2


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