Walking on Sunshine


Those of you that follow me on facebook or twitter, or have spent any time round these circus parts, know that I whine quite a bit about laundry.  Recently, however, I made a startling discovery.  Rather than being the bane of my existence as I once thought, it is in fact, the key to my happiness?

Say wha??

Last May, I set out with a quest to get entirely caught up on my laundry.  Do you recall that flock of pigs, flying over the state of Maryland last spring?  Yup… I did it.  And then, shock of all shocks, I was able to keep up with it, doing a load a day, for a good solid month, before lil man made his appearance into the world and our family.

And even though he is the most easy going, laid back, and sweetest of babes one could ask for, well, it has taken me 7 months to get back to the point where I am totally caught up on laundry AND MAINTAINING my quota of one, sometimes two,  (depending on how many outfits lil miss decides to wear in one day). 

And the thing that shocked me is when I am keeping up with my laundry, I feel on top of the world.  I feel like I am in control of my house instead of the other way around.  I feel accomplished rather than struggling to survive.

Melodramatic?  Maybe, but let me tell you, I am loving life this week.

Amazing how if your clothes are all washed and put away, your house is instantly cleaner b/c you don’t have piles of laundry lurking in your closet, and hall way, behind your bed, and in your laundry room. 

Amazing how it instantly removes a huge amount of clutter and a HUGE mountain of stress.

This week has been fabulous.  I am staying on top of laundry and dishes and I feel like my house is some what in order.  I am literally a new woman!  And lovin life! 


  1. *This* is why I love coming here. I love your attitude, I love your honesty, and I LOVE that you share these things! HUGE accomplishment. HUGE! And, having four little ones running around - almost the exact same age as yours - I KNOW that this is not an easy feat. SO happy for you!

  2. I feel like yelling, "Can I get a witness?!!!" I feel completely the same.

  3. I have my pile in the bedroom waiting for me. Ok I'll do it:)

  4. Picture me nodding my head in affirmation and saying, "By George I think she's onto something!" It's so true around here for me also. I feel so empowered by laundry being done and put away! And an empty kitchen sink/counter area!

    Happy for you!

  5. I'm GREAT at the washing, drying, and folding, it's the getting it back into the dresser that I struggle with. Especially the smaller sizes, as it's hard to rotate out the too-small stuff to have room for the current stuff. Or, there is too much current stuff for it all to fit in the dresser. (Kids' wardrobes are 90% hand-me-downs and 10% gifts. I usually have a lot of clothes but not a lot of it matches up to make a full outfit.)

  6. My two things this week have been dishes and getting the bed made every day. And this can-do attitude is so contagious, that I just *might* have finished mopping my floor! Seriously, is there something in the air this week? Good job, Crystal!

  7. mmm hmmmm! Love it!

  8. Ditto! I'm on a similar mission this year. I actually managed to keep caught up through the holidays! It's wonderful not having to dedicate and entire DAY to doing laundry (or WEEK or MONTH depending on how far behind I've gotten in the past).

  9. Guess what I caught up on mine today. Now if I could get tomy sewing && c rocheting it is never done. I can always think of something else.

  10. I was thinking about you tonight as we watched the game. Your boys got a little sloppy, but they pulled it out. Congrats on the win! :) Here, we're looking forward to tomorrow and 'Da Bears!


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