Wasted Cookies?


Nothing like the holidays, to bring on some humor from the lil ones.  Here’s a few I want to record for posterity.

When Scott was talking to my 4 yr old about what she wanted to get me for Christmas, she told him she wanted to get Mommy flowers and she was going to be nice.  To clarify Scott asked, “So your going to be nice as a Christmas gift for Mommy?”  When she affirmed this, he told her that she didn’t have to wait until Christmas to be nice.  She could start then.  She then answered, “Oh no Daddy, I don’t want to give away the surprise!”


On Christmas Eve my son came up to me and asked if we had to give Santa the “shape cookies” (meaning the ones we cut out with cutters and decorated)  I told him that Santa would be happy with any cookie they left for him.  He then whispered to me so the girls couldn’t hear, “Good, b/c since I know it’s just you and Dad that eat them, I don’t want to waste them on you.”


Here my 3 yr old shows off the precious cookies her brother didn’t want to waste on ol Mom & Dad!

I am linking this post up on Mary’s Tiny Talk Tuesday carnival.


  1. Your daughter is adorable! Your son just cracks me up!! Precious!

  2. So did poor mommy and daddy have to eat the left overs? The broken cookies? Different kinds of cookies?
    I'm sure you felt so loved by that comment. lol
    I really love the comment about giving away the surprise.

  3. Love it! So cute...I love the sweet things that come out of their mouth...

  4. LOL I just love the comments your little ones come up with. So glad that you record them!!!

  5. Love the comment about "not wanting to waste the niceness. Very cute :)

  6. So funny! I love the nice surprise is he acomplising it?

  7. Love it. We had to make coffee for Santa and we had to put cream in Mrs. Santa's cup. The picture is priceless.

  8. I love the comments that you get Even Gpap laughed at that one but we can be down and just read your comments & we are laughing

  9. Priceless! You never know what will come out of the mouths of babes!


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