The Circus Take the Ice


I wasn’t aiming for some idealist, Kodak winter moment.   Just an evening of winter fun with the kids.  With the baby dropped off at my in laws, Scott and I set out for an evening on the ice with the big 3.   Scott had his reservations and voiced them a few times.  But, I was confident we’d be fine.  IMG_7685

Once we were all laced up and approaching the rink, my confidence began IMG_7691to waver.  Seems when I signed us up for this evening of family fun, I forgot that I have only been ice skating 3 times in my 31 years.  And the last time I went on the ice was well over 10 yrs ago.  As we quickly grabbed scooters for the kids to hold onto, I found myself wishing they had one in my size!

Everyone else seemed to be flying past me with confidence.  Meanwhile I stuck to my 3 yr old like glue, “helping” her steer her scooter in the small patch of scuffed up ice that the Zamboni missed.  

10 minutes into the first hour and I was ready for a break.   Scott took to the ice with no problem and immediately took turns taking one kid around the rink while I stayed in the safe patch with the other 2, doing my very best not to panic and to stay standing up.


When my youngest said she wanted to sit out, I leapt at the chance to take her to the side.  Of course the moment we get off the rink, she starts begging to go back out.  Thankfully, intermission was called shortly and we all took a break to watch the Zamboni clean the ice. 

There it was, all slick and shiny again. 

I suggested we led the mob go out first and we could then trickle out a few minutes later.

I gotta tell you, the second hour on the ice went MUCH better.  I even left my “safe zone” and took a spin or two around the rink singing songs with my 3 year old.    I think all of us had gotten the hang of it a little better and were able to skate with a more confidence.  IMG_7693

When Scott lifted my 3 year old and carried her for a lap around the rink, she giggled and told him this was the “high” of her day. IMG_7712

We left before our 2 hrs were up, but we left while everyone was still happy and smiling.    As we walked back to the car my 3 yr old asked, “Mom why is skating so cold and slippery?”    While I definitely had my moments of doubt, over all the evening was a success and I am glad we went, even if it did stretch me out of my comfort zone a bit!


  1. Way to get out of the comfort zone and give the kiddos a wonderful winter experience. Scott looked quite comfortable on the ice.

  2. Sounds like a great way to make winter memories that will last a lifetime! Way to go! (Was there a stop for coffee/hot cocoa on the way home?) Now, that would be my favorite part!

  3. aw, this makes me wanna go ice skating again -it's been so long!

  4. I love the second to the last picture, the one of your son. He's focusing so hard, but clearly enjoying himself!


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