Banner Day at the Circus


Dishes piled in the sink, pjs on till 2:00 in the afternoon, laundry waiting to be folded, counter cluttered…

But today, it doesn’t bother me.  (ok, it doesn’t bother me too much anyway)…


Today, I finally took the time to snuggle on the couch with my almost 5 year old and work with her on reading… and today that precious light bulb went off as she first went up and down the blend ladders and then graduated to three letter words.

Today I watched her sound out h-a-t, c-a-t, m-a-t, f-a-t, r-a-t, p-o-p…  I saw her face light up as she got it.  As she read her first word and then her second and then her third.  She couldn’t get enough.  She went to quiet time with words in hand and I could hear her reading the words over and over in her room, then writing them down and reading them again.   

She’s been ready and eager for this and finally, we made it happen.  And I couldn’t be more proud.  It was such a precious moment and I am thankful I got to be a part of it.

That alone would be cause for celebration at the circus. 

But, it’s not all… because she wasn’t the only circus member to have a first with words this week. 

Our littlest cast member warmed his Momma’s heart by calling out “mumm-uh, mumm-uh”.  I know your probably skeptical, but I really think he said it.  It’s happened 3 times now and each time someone else heard it too.  He was trying to get my attention and in the midst of his grunting and yelling, I promise you he said, “Momma!”

Two momentous occasions here at the circus.  A big day with words.  Reading and speaking.  And this Momma is going to bed, dishes still piled in the sink, counter still piled with papers, but as my head hits the pillow, my heart is bursting with my pride. 

My girl can read!

My boy said his first word!


  1. Oh my, you did have a banner day! WOW! That first, "muuummm-uh" is the sweetest sound! I swear the first time you wonder if it was really intentional, but when you hear it again you just know its the real deal. Awesomeness.

    And I'm really not sure which one is more exciting or heart melting because the fact that your oldest baby girl is reading is totally cool! I can't wait to get there with Noah. She must be so excited, a whole new world is opening up for her! I know as a reader yourself, you probably want the kids to enjoy it the way you do.

    Way to go momma! You carry that banner (and a terrible towel) all over today!

  2. What a terrific DAY! So thankful that you are home with them and blessed with these special moments! Loved the video clips seeing both events. Keep those cameras rolling :-)

  3. Three cheers for the Circus kids!!!!!! Dishes just seem so unimpressive after reading this post. In ten years, dishes will still be dishes, but your kids will continue to blossom!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post and congratulations on a job well done! Way to go Mama!!!!

  4. I am so proud of them! What a talented niece and nephew I have!!! Please tell your little girl that when I get there (soon!) she should read me a book. Her choice. And if you could tell that little guy to work on "Aunt Karen", that would be great, too. Maybe he could teach his cousin over here to talk. :)

  5. Awesome! That is certainly a day worth celebrating!


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