A Hodgepodge of Circus Updates


What day is it?  We’ve been a bit out of sorts here at the circus… snow days and a power outage resulting in a fun sleepover at Nana and Pop’s… IMG_8407…now it is Friday, but sure feels like Monday…. we’re home and trying to play catch up on schoolwork, house work and laundry… good news is, when we are done… we’ll still have the weekend to enjoy!  And next week is Super Bowl week… and in case you missed it… Pittsburgh’s Going to the Superbowl!!  WAHOO!!!  It’ll be black and gold week at the circus house for sure next week!

So, anyway, I know I haven’t blogged all week and I am sitting here on Friday afternoon, sipping my hot cocoa, at a complete blank for what to write… so instead I will just share a few pics I recently downloaded from my camera… it’ll at least make the grandparents happy and with my sparse blogging as of late, I am afraid they may be the only ones still checking out life at the circus!  I hope to get back into the swing of things and start blogging with regularity again soon! 

The girls started a new gymnastics class this week… together!!  They are super excited to be in the same class and Mommy is super excited about reducing the number of trips to the gymnastics facility each week.  I truly enjoy watching them and am so proud of how hard they are working.  Check out my 5 yr old’s handstands… she pretty much enters every room of the house either doing a handstand or a cartwheel these days.


IMG_8381We took our “little” guy into the dr this week, only to discover what we had kind of feared/suspected… he too has asthma (like his big sister) and was sent home with a nebulizer.  He does pretty well about the treatments, especially for a 7 mth old, but it is so sad to hear him wheezing.  (also, if you were wondering, he weighed in at 21.12 lbs!!)


Attempt Numero Uno at a Snow Man, or is it really a snowball with a face?


Attempt Numero Dos, the next day, back at home….


Well, Happy Friday folks… I’m off to catch up on some chores during quiet time and perhaps start a batch of chocolate chip cookies… b/c for some reason when snow is on the ground, I feel cookies need to be in the oven!!


  1. Happy Friday friend! Enjoy that hot cocoa and enjoy those babes! Love you!

  2. Oh, i'm sorry about your little guy. This week my big girl had a broncospasm every thing is ok now, but seen that little baby with the nebulizer it's so sad.

  3. me! i still read your blog!! so sorry to hear about your little man's asthma, but for what it's worth he looks so cute snuggled up with his "baby" and daddy. :( so what happened with gymanstics? hopefully all good things. and i'm all for reducing the number of trips i take anywhere. can't wait for next weekend! go black and gold!!!!!!!!

  4. Of course I'm still reading, too, silly!

    Love the snowmen. Really, I do. I love that you guys have made two attempts at snowmen in Md and we have made one very pitiful attempt here in Pgh. However, we specialize more in snowballs...

    Sorry to hear the little man needs the nebulizer. That must be hard at times. However...that being said, he is not at all malnourished, is he? oh my goodness, I could just eat his legs right up!

    I totally wish you could watch the Superbowl game here. We would have so much fun.



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