Who Will Win??


There are many familiar and epic battles out there.  At the circus, I am often subject to reading, watching, and even role playing in such battles over good and evil.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker fighting for the future of the galaxy.


Spiderman and Doctor Octopus dueling over the city of New York.


Optimus Prime and the autobots verses Megatron and the decepticons in their fierce battle over the fate of earth. 


But none come close to the battle currently being fought at the circus. 

One one side we have my son who as a baby was comforted by his pacifier and wants his little brother to find comfort in the same place. 

His littlest sister weighs in in the other corner.  She’s found great solace in sucking her fingers and takes delight in finding her baby brother doing the same. 

On more than one occasion I have seen them trying to convince their brother that their way is the best way.  (Yes, that’s right my son will pull the fingers out of a content baby’s mouth in order to stick in the pacifier). 

Who will win for the heart and soul of the youngest circus member?  Will it be the pacifier or his fingers?


Right now, he’s a bit confused and scared over the choice at hand.


  1. He does look very concerned and scared to disappoint his big sibs : ) Very cute! : )

    Psst.... see you TOMORROW!!!!!!!! : )

  2. He really looks like he is trying very hard to please both!

  3. that is too funny! i say kudos to mama for not losing it with the older siblings! oh, and psst...see you TOMORROW!!!!!! :)

  4. I'm sure in the end...no matter which he chooses...they'll still love him all the same. Who wouldn't? He's so cute!

  5. Yes, Luke was very excited every time Isaac would get his thumb or fingers. But I forced that pacifier on him for a few months so I didn't have to break him of sucking fingers later down the road. :)


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