The Family Business


The cool crisp mornings we’ve had lately signal that fall is near.    So, this weekend I made good on a summertime promise I made to the kids. 

We carried out the folding table and chairs…decided on a fair price for our product and made some signs.


While the kids began chanting “25 cent lemonade,”  I quickly stirred some country time and water.

They eagerly watched for cars and walkers and when they saw them they’d enthusiastically wave and chant.   (I think they learned well from the vendors at Camden Yards).

Nana and Pop heard about their business venture and swung by the neighborhood to support the family business.


She quite easily drank as much lemonade as we sold. IMG_3001

The smiles on their faces made all Momma’s efforts worthwhile.  


They earned enough to buy 2 packets of silly bands at Target that afternoon.  Though honestly, I think the fun they had selling it was much more valuable.


  1. looks like you had quite a crowd. i can see why. that is one enthusiastic sales team! how could you resist those adorable faces?

  2. Marketing and capitalism at it's finest! With a tiny hint of socialism! :)

  3. Way too cute to resist! Wish we could have bought some too

  4. Look at those lucrative little cutie pies! I love the look on your youngest daughter's face in the last seems to say, "I don't know who drank all that lemonade!!!" Precious!

    And Silly Bandz...aren't they something? Hmnn. We have them here and I'm always chiding Caroline for leaving them lie where Katherine can easily get them. Noah wears his everywhere though...he even washes them in the tub! Oh, for Pete's sake. I remember snap those were fun!


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