A Student Once Again


I do not consider myself to be either creative or crafty.  And most of the time I am ok with that.  Even though my mom and grandma are both talented seamstresses, I’ve often joked that I missed out on the sewing gene.

The truth is that sewing seems to require patience and an aspiration for perfection.  And for me, close enough is usually more than good enough.  But close enough doesn’t seem to work when sewing, b/c you kinda want your dresses to be straight and your sleeves even. 

So, I typically don’t even try to sew and get my sister in law, mom, or talented friend Jen, to do it for me. 

My kids know this and when they need their slippers patched or a stuffed animal repaired they don’t even bother to ask me, they just pack it up and when we see Grandma or Aunt Karen next they’ll pull it out and ask her to repair it for them.  I’ll often laugh about the fact that they didn’t even bother asking me. 

Then I found out one of my dear friends and her mother in law (one of my favorite high school teachers) are teaching a intro to sewing class for adults.   And I jumped at the chance to try.

I get to bring my sewing machine to use (this I think will be huge as I will learn  how to use my machine).  And they’ve got a slew of projects planned for the semester that will teach us all sorts of basic sewing skills and provide us with useful products.  (aprons, bags, pillows…) 

Tonight we met at Jo Ann Fabrics.  They walked us around the store telling us about the different kinds of fabrics and which kinds were easy to sew with and which are more difficult. 

They answered questions and encouraged.  They started with the basics, as in very, very basic. 

When I left the house I foolishly thought I’d be buying all the fabric I needed for all 7 classes.  After staring at material for over an hour, I left with the material needed for our first project. 

Lesson One:  choosing fabric takes time  (and I made a mental note to myself that there is no way I am bringing my kids with me to the fabric store, ever)

I am really excited about this class.  We’ll be meeting twice a month for the next few months.  I feel like this class is just what I need right now. I am excited about the opportunity to have a night out.  I am excited to spend time with friends.  I am excited about the opportunity to accomplish some tangible projects for myself and my family.  And I am excited to spend time with one of my favorite teachers again.   Can you tell I am a little excited?

Oh, and I bought my own pair of fabric scissors!  I couldn’t wait to tell my mom that I too have special scissors that the kids can’t cut with paper. 

Next week, I will be making 2 aprons.. one half apron and one bib apron.  I am super excited!  (must think of another word with which I can convey my enthusiasm) I will wait to buy the next material after that.  We’re going to take baby steps…  (which is good b/c once I was in the store I found myself wanting to make so many things… I need to take it small and accomplish tangible goals otherwise I will become overwhelmed and will most likely give up… and I really, really want to succeed this time). Perhaps if things turn out like I hope, I’ll post pictures of my finished work.  (unlike those curtains I aspired to make last spring and never even started) (which , by the way, I am hoping to try and get done this fall)


  1. I am so happy for you! I really wish I had the time to join you all!

  2. Yay, Crystal! How exciting! I can't wait to see the aprons. I actually need a new apron (wink, wink).

    And protect those scissors!

  3. I remember my mom having those special scissors that I wasn't allowed to use :) I'm so excited for you too! One day, I need to venture out and learn as well.

  4. oh man, i'm so jealous i can't even stand it! i hope you learn nothing and have a miserable time in the process! jk, you know i hope it's AMAZING and i'm sure it will be!

  5. SO so so jealous! I've been sitting here trying to come up with some way that I could take the class too... don't think it'll work out though (surprise surprise). You are lightyears ahead of me in your sewing skills already... I don't even own a sewing machine!

  6. How exciting!! I've always wanted to take a sewing class. Maybe that would give me the inspiration to use mine more.

  7. I am so excited for you !!

  8. Awesome! I would LOVE to take a class like this sometime. I see so many adorable (simple-ish) sewing projects on blogs I read...especially cute skirts/ play clothes for girls. Your situation sounds similar to mine (except that I don't own a machine). My grandmother is a professional seamstress. She's quick and good.

  9. I can't sew either and both my mom and mother in law do, so we make a pile of things that need repair for when they come to visit. My husband sometimes needs me to sew a button and I freak out. After taking many deep breaths and dive in.

  10. Every one starts out with baby steps don`t overwelm your self.I know I still have fabric I bought to make things. But you will do fine will be thinking of you right along.


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