Shiver Me Timbers!


Get out your 2011 calendars and circle Sept 19th.  It is International Talk Like a Pirate day.  I assure you it is one holiday you do not want to miss.  (If, by chance, you happen to get the date wrong, ahem, and celebrate it on the 20th per say, no worries, your children won’t know the difference and you can still have just as good of a time). 

We celebrated in 2008, but sadly missed the holiday last year… something about being in my first trimester and starting my first year of home schooling, caused me to forego the optional holidays last year.  But my kids started asking about it this summer so I was sure to look it up and mark the date (incorrectly) on our calendar. 

How does one celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, you ask?

You randomly shout “Shiver me Timbers” and “Walk the Plank” throughout your meal.


…. and say “argh” after most of your sentences.


Make sure you show your teeth when you smile.



For dinner serve “Pirate Food”

“What is Pirate Food,” you ask…

Chicken on the bone (aka drum sticks)…


X marks the spot breadsticks…


Pot o Gold (macaroni and cheese), Pirate Teeth (corn nibblets) and don’t forget the Grog (aka “Kid Beer” aka “Root Beer”) and of course dessert…IMG_3138

For a fun blast from the past, check out my post from 2 yrs ago describing our Talk Like a Pirate day celebration.  I can’t believe how much we’ve changed!


  1. are so creative....i'm sending my kids to your :)

  2. Love it! MacKenzie is very impressed... we might have to try this too : )

  3. Aye Matey, you guys do have all the fun! I love how you celebrated such an optional holiday!! My kids play Pirates a lot so I should really try celebrating next year! But it might consist of just a bowl of Lucky Charms because that's how fun I am! Lol!

  4. Man, you guys really ARE the coolest family ever. If Eli ever catches wind of this, he might move to Maryland.

  5. Terrific celebration! The kids look like they really got into the celebration :-) As did Mom and Dad LOL


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