I’ve Got Nothing


Writers block


Mushy brain

Call it what you will, but I am sorry this circus mom has nothing to give ya.  I’ve sat down and started posts 3 separate times this week only to stop half way through.  I wanted to fill you in on our hamster wheel paced life the past few weeks but when I write it all out it just seems boring.  Really, do you want to hear about the circus family’s daily routine?  Yea… I didn’t think so. 

Then I started to post pictures from our trip to the county fair.  But, I noticed that my last several posts have all been pictorial in nature and was afraid it would seem to journalistic. 

So I stopped. 

But I really can’t go yet one more day with the same post sitting up there begging to be commented on. 

It’s 3:00 on Friday.  There is 30 min left in our afternoon quiet/nap time and I have 3 baskets of laundry to fold, a kitchen to tidy,  an apple pie I promised the kids we’d bake on Wednesday that I am really hoping we get to today, bathroom floor to scrub, guest bed room to tidy and a little schoolwork left to be finished.   I’d also like to clean out the minivan b/c it is a complete disaster again and I hate looking at it like that.  But I know that will get bumped to next week never never land.

I am afraid the elusive, clever post I keep hoping to come up with will have to wait yet again.

So, help this momma out.  (if your even still checking the ol blog)

What do you wanna hear about?

*our Talk Like a Pirate Dinner (which we celebrated a day late b/c I got the date wrong for International Talk Like a Pirate Day)

*our annual trip to the county fair

*first day of school pictures

*my new found love of coffee

*my sewing class

Perhaps next week I can collect my thoughts and write about one or more of the above topics.

Until then, Happy Friday!


  1. I want to hear about the sewing class and see pictures of what you've made!

  2. Okay, your daily to-do list is as long as my "actually accomplish" list for the week! Goooooo Mama! You're awesome, even if you feel like you're suffering from "Mommy brain." Can I say I would love to hear about it all? I can only imagine your dinner table conversation with 4 young buccaneers... and how precious your eldest looks all dressed for school... and you do have me curious how you manage to find time for sewing! :) So... all that said, I'm a fan of both your picture posts as well as your written posts. Can I have a little bit of each, please? ;)

  3. I agree with Lydia...your to do list is insane... Just to clear something up, becoming a coffee drinker does not, I repeat, does NOT turn you into wonder-woman or add extra hours to the day... it occasionally helps with "momnesia," gives you warm fuzzies inside so that your patience lasts a few minutes longer, and helps you to not fall asleep at the homeschool table, or while reading naptime books :)

    I also agree that I would like to hear about any/all of your week's events (especially your sewing).

  4. OK... time for ME to clarify... that to do list is not a daily list... I couldn't tell you the last time I scrubbed my bathroom floor...just that it has been so long that that has moved from the "should get to that some time soon" list to the "should get to that before visitors come" list. The minivan is so, so long over due and I know it def won't happen this weekend, but sif I keep putting it on my mental list, then I hope that it means one day it'll actually happen.

    Thanks girls. Will post my first sewing project next week!

  5. Gosh, I'm so upset...I had this awesome comment all typed out and my computer was "not responding" and bye bye comment.

    It went something like this..

    I feel your blog pain. I feel the same. Add to the fact that I am a camera-less blogger (Death Sentence in other words) and I"m really not motivated to blog much.

    As for what you should blog about...I say blog what your heart is feeling because we, being your faithful readers, will enjoy reading what we feel you have passion for writing about.

    Although, I must say...I am curious as to the sewing classes and your sudden love of coffee (tea traitor). And who doesn't want to see first day of school pics? Let them be so bold as to say so!

    So, there. In a nutshell thats what I said four hours ago when my computer was being insane in the membrane.

    And while I'm writing a novel, I might as well say, "GO STEELERS."

  6. I think it's pretty much a tie for all of them! I can't wait to see the apron. I've been checking Facebook all day hoping to catch a glimpse. (Ok, not really. Not really at all. But I am curious. And proud!) And of course the Pirate pics. I'm imagining your oldest son with his classic "yarg" face. Kids and animals always make for good blog fodder, so bring on the fair! And I've been noticing a trend with you concerning coffee, so I must know the story behind that. Which leaves school pictures and you KNOW there's a proud aunt in TX who's hoping for a signed one to put on her fridge. :)

    I love the circus!!!

  7. Sewing!! It's been so fun taking it, I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you're taking away from it, too :)

  8. I don't know but I love reading whatever you post about, so I'll pick the fair to be different! But post about sewing like you said you would!

  9. I think you now have 4-5 blog ideas for the next few weeks, adding baptism to the list. Do them all - we love whatever you show and tell !!!! I had a wonderful time material shopping with you - so I look forward to the sewing post :-)

  10. COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I loved your comment here, Crystal- it made me laugh :) You are a good writer, and that makes your blog always fun to read :)


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