You may or may not have noticed that lately, I haven’t been blogging much. 

I can’t put my finger on why exactly.


It’s not his fault… he is super easy going. 

And it isn’t due to lack of fodder… the circus crew provides me with a never ending supply of bloggable material.  But, my days have been “more full” lately.  Our schedule includes  home school, tutorial, gymnastics, soccer, (and cub scouts starting soon).    I’m also struggling to get back on top of the laundry and maintain the house… got a schedule for that too.  (if I could just get caught up again so I can work on maintaing it)

It seems when the day is done, I haven’t the mental capacity for more than a status update on face book.  

So, here’s my past week via face book to fill in the gaps here on my blog. 

put my youngest to bed tonight wearing the "hand me down" shin guards and holding the pink Adidas cleats that were given to her by another soccer mom at her sister's practice today.

**I realized after posting that status update that I misspoke, she is no longer my youngest, but rather my youngest girl**

USED to love going to the library.... Now I wonder, is it really worth it?


is tired and unmotivated


Just made my daughter a new sweater (I accidentally put my 100% wool sweater in the dryer)


my son was just yelling back and forth with my next door neighbor about tonight's game, I reminded him to be respectful and he said, "Mom, we were just trash talking."


is taking the kiddos for donuts this morning as I promised them we could go to celebrate the new Sunday School year...nothing like sending them off to meet their new teachers all loaded up with carbs and sugar!


is too tired to do anything... we had one FULL day... 2 early morning soccer games, kids first lemonade stand, party, target trip, then home for dinner, baths, bedtime...leaving the mess for Monday, Momma is ready for bed!


is excited and inspired after my first sewing class!


is frying up some white perch for dinnerIMG_2988


  1. I have missed your blog posts, but I can only imagine how busy you are with adding another to the mix! I think of the circus crew often as I juggle the circus at the Hauser household!!

  2. You really are one busy Momma - but they are growing up so quickly. Believe me - you will be glad you enjoyed these days when they are grown up.

  3. I think we've all been in a blog rut lately. With busyness comes letting something go sometimes and you are holding on to the right things over there momma! I miss you in your cyberspace absences, but totally get how it happens! husband cracked up over your oldest son's "trash talking" remark. Too funny!

  4. I completely and totally understand! My day are so similar to yours. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with full days.

  5. I like the facebook statuses, I think you should do it weekly (on Fridays?) and we could all link to ours. It would be a funny way to see how your week went!


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