Proposed Mascot Change


Tonight the kids and I were enjoying a walk at the Naval Academy when we spotted a statue of their mascot, the goat, which prompted a rather comical discussion.

We talked about how the goats are the navy mascot, to which my 3 yr old responded, “But mom, goats aren’t scary.”   I then said that the Army is afraid of them b/c when they play each other in sports (not war) then they are against each other and don’t want to lose to them.  We then discussed the Army donkeys and how they are afraid of the Navy goats to which my three year old again responded, “But mom, donkeys aren’t scary.”

My 6 yr old then said, “Now, skunks would be scary.  If I saw a skunk I’d be real scared and need lots of tomato juice!”

“Yes,” my four year old responded, “and snakes… Snakes are scary too!”

There you have it folks, the circus family has spoken.   To the high ranking officials at West Point and the Naval Academy.  The circus family proposes you change your mascots from the goat and donkey to something a little more frightening…

snakes and skunks

Looking forward to the next Army/Navy gathering in December.  Should be really interesting!


  1. i feel like i should have some clever comment to put here, but i don't. in fact, i'm feeling a little silly that growing up it never dawned on me that a goat wasn't a cool mascot.

    hmm. i might have to chew on that for a while. i wonder what my dad would say.

  2. Chris read this and said, "Ok, I'd go for that" So you have one Naval officer's approval. You gotta start somewhere. ;)

  3. Hmmm. So Navy's choices are between a skunk and a snake, huh? Gonna have to think about that one a little bit. What about the Navy "Steelers"? I know it's already spoken for, but it starts with an "S" and is definitely scary (at least to Ravens fans)! Ask your number one if he'd go for that.

  4. I AM afraid of both those animals! Your clowns are quite brilliant (my word of the day!) And they are certainly right that donkeys and goats are NOT scary.
    Personally, I love your explanation of the mascots. I still don't get why the Army would be afraid of losing to the Navy goats!


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