My Lil Cub


fun with tummy time 6 years ago I watched my lil man proudly hold his head high during tummy time.   I was so excited b/c he had recently learned to roll over.  He was growing up so fast and I was thrilled with all he was learning and doing. 

I had no idea that in just 6 short years he’d be at Cup Scout camp with Daddy learning a whole slew of new things.  IMG_0035



I was so excited for my son and my husband yesterday as they got to spend the day together at camp.


It’s been so fun to watch their bond grow over the past 6 years.snuggling with Daddy


  1. Awwwwwwwwww..... *insert lumpy throat here*
    Is he doing Treeclimbers this fall? I'm planning on signing Aidan up and am hoping that DH and son can use that time to bond more too.

  2. Those pictures of him shooting give a whole new meeting to the words "tummy time", don't they?!

  3. i love i got to hear some of his stories tonight. the ones where his eyes got real big and his voice got real loud so everyone at the table could hear all about it. he was SO excited about his day. :) i'm so glad Scott was able to take the day off to have that with him!

  4. This looks SOO fun! Luke would totally love that!

  5. Where did my little grandson go?!?!?! He looks like he had a great hot day. Can hardly wait to have him tell us about his new experioences at camp.

  6. Oh my gosh, at first I thought he was your new baby!! I was like, "Wow!!"

    He was such an adorable baby! I bet he and daddy had a great time together!


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