Baby I’m Yours

Sometimes you never know the impact a simple baby shower gift can have.  Before my oldest was born, my third grade students threw me a “surprise” baby shower.  And one of my students gave me a little lamb banky baby that has a head on one end and the tail on the other.  precious lamb

My son ended up latching on to it and sometime before his sister came along he called the lil lamb, his baby.  Baby went with him everywhere… I can even recall driving back to church to get it so he could take his nap one fateful afternoon when we left it behind.

We proceeded to get “babies” for each of our children.  Some kids are more attached to their baby than others, but all of them sleep with them pretty much every night.  Scott made up stories for the kids starring their babies… Our first born has Sir Lamb a lot.  Then we’ve got Snoop Doggy Doggy.

puppy love-holding hands

And beary bear.


The three had many adventures on their intergalactic star ship cruiser before retiring and moving into the circus house to serve as protectors of the circus children.

We recently presented our newest circus member with a baby of his own.   His identity has yet to be revealed as Daddy still needs to debrief with the other three babies and learn his secret identity.  Perhaps it’ll be revealed on our next long car trip.  


But, he’s gotten quite attached to it already.  I find him stroking the edges and curling up with it in his crib as he falls asleep. 


If only I could give such a baby gift that would have such lasting and sentimental value to a family.  I am certain that girl has no idea how much her little lamb blanket grew to mean to my family.

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  1. Those are so adorable!! And LOL at Snoop Doggy Dog!!! That is hilarious!!! This reminds me of a little pink bunny that my in-laws gave to my daughter when she was born. Well, my oldest son ended up taking it for himself, and brought "Molly" with him wherever he went!!!

  2. I loved the pictures of your babies with their special stuffed animals. It's so cute to see them sleeping. It's funny but I remember my sister as a baby. She didn't have a bunny or animal but she latched onto the silk material on the inside of our coats or on the border of her blanket. She couldn't go to sleep unless she was holding something silky.

  3. Ah, a baby after my own heart is one who loves Snoop D-O-doble-G! We have a similarly designed pal over here at the Casa. #3 has one he calls Wolfie. To me Wolfie looks like a road kill coyote, but who am I to judge. Love is obviously blind!

  4. What a sweet story!! You are so right about the meaning of those gifts sometimes that can be especially unbeknownst to the gift giver. I totally spelled that wrong, I think, but you get what I'm saying.

    Our kids have lovey's too and of course there are stories behind them, which makes them so special. I love how Scott gives them names and secret skills and such. Such a cool daddy he is!

    And can I just say (again, because I'm ever so redundant) that your sweet babies are just so stinking cute! They make my overworked uterus just contract a little everytime I see them on here in all their chubby cute glory! (Ahem, not that I'll be adding any work to my already worked out uterus....). But there will always be pangs of yearning.

    Great post!

  5. Your babies are just toooooooooo precious! Following your from Flashback Friday. Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend - hope you can stop by and do the same.

  6. And now = they all have their special babies. Littlest one looks like he has taken to his just as lovingly!

  7. My son had one too! It was a bunny. He took it everywhere. When he got older, he would sleep with it on his head like a night cap. He's now 21 years old and still has the worn thing somewhere in his apartment. That bunny has been to more places than some people!

  8. What cute babies with their special blankets :o) How neat that you have been able to find similar ones for each, but with a different animal.
    ...and the names and stories are an added bonus :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (stopping by from Friday Photo Flashback)

  9. its funny sometimes that the most meaningful gifts are given by people you never see again. I had a regular customer give me Luke's blanky like that when I was pregnant (and I think she even said it was given to her daughter for her baby, but she didn't want it). Anyway, she will never know the impact that blanky has had on his life!


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