In Pursuit of a Keeper


They’ve tried piers, ponds, worms, and lures.  For three summers now he’s patiently pursued it.  Casting and waiting.  Enjoying the view and the time together. 

Each time, I’d ask if he had a good time.  Each time he’d enthusiastically respond, “Yes!”  Then I’d ask if he got a keeper and each time he’d respond in the negative. 

He’s caught a fish a few times, but not the illustrious keeper he sought after.   However, it didn’t dampen his resolve or his love of fishing.

And finally, the waiting paid off.


He got his keeper!!


They cleaned it up and fried it right there on Nana and Pop’s boat. IMG_1914 IMG_1917 IMG_1920

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  1. Well, somebody sure looks happy. What an adventure, huh?

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That is such a cute post! I love that he got a keeper! Really sweet : ). I bet it tasted just delicious to him too! The summer of his keeper!

  3. the 2nd picture says it all! i'm so glad the night turned out PERFECTLY. (except for the fish, of course.)

  4. That's awesome, great for him!!


  5. This may sound crazy, but have them try chewing a little juicy fruit gum, just till it is soft then put on a trebble hook. My hubby just told me there is a guy that puts out trout lines with only a silver hook on it and catches catfish. Hmmm who would have thought no bait. I would love to share my WW post with you.

  6. I bet it tasted wonderful.

  7. A little brother and a keeper, all in one summer! Bet that fish tasted good with a side of success : )

  8. That's awesome!!! What patience and maturity to have a great time despite not getting "a keeper" so many times. Great pix!

  9. I am so super happy for him. He has been so patient. Is he really holding his nose while it is frying??? At least there is a smile on his face when he tasted it.


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