Our Table

The kids had scattered to the backyard to play while I cleared off the dinner dishes.  As I wiped down the dining room table, I couldn’t help but  smirk as I looked out over a see of crumbs and wood that is faded in parts due to many a knocked over glass of milk or water.  There is an ever present layer of grime that those of you with kids know exactly what I am talking about… something like syrup meets peanut butter meets oatmeal and it just cakes into those nooks and crannies around the edge of the table, giving it that “lived in” feel.   There are marks on the table where my kids didn’t stay in the lines (or on the paper for that matter) when coloring with their supposedly washable markers and a few splatterings of paint here and there from art projects.

I remember when Scott first brought it through the doors of our apartment.  After months of eating on a tiny card table, we were beyond excited about having a real dining room table.  He carried it in piece by piece and assembled it that night.

We had gotten into the habit of not putting the drinking pitcher onto the table, because our card table hadn’t been big enough for it.    We were careful, meticulous about keeping it clean, not wanting it to get water marks or anything on it. I vividly remember thinking, “One day my kids will do their homework on this table.”

I had no idea that memories we’d make around that table.   My kids have practiced writing their letters on this table and drawn many a picture sitting here.  Scott and I have sat side by side working out the budget here.  We’ve entertained family and friends for numerous meals and parties… Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays…we’ve rolled out Christmas cookies, built gingerbread houses, dyed Easter eggs and carved pumpkins on this table.   Scott’s had the guys from work over to play poker at this table.  We’ve built forts underneath it.  And if you look close you can see naw marks from when our puppies teethed on its legs.

It’s easy to look at the table and see nothing but the grime and stains and wear and tear.  But for some reason, that night when I looked at it, all I could do was smile at the love and memories we’ve shared round this table.  And I pray to God for many, many more blessed memories as a family sitting round this table.


  1. I love this post. We have a nearly identical dining room table as yours and when I run my hands across the backs of the chairs or over the table and feel that syrup meets peanut butter meets oatmeal feeling I'll admit...my OCD twitches out a little bit.

    Thank you for the perspective I've come to know and love from you, Crystal!

    My dining room table has made many memories and while we're all feeling a bit cramped around it these days I will smile and remember all the things done in love around it.


  2. amazing.

    Love, love, LOVE this post.

  3. How beautiful. It reminded me to be thankful even for the stickiness all over the back of the chairs. And smile. Beautiful!

  4. You just made me appreciate our table! When we first got it, I wanted everyone to be very careful! Now, there are scratches, and pen marks! Thank you for this post!!

  5. Truly one of your best writings :-) Just love the many memories that we have shared with you around that special table. Looking forward to many more.


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