Kids Say…


IMG_1588 My recently turned three year old has been cracking me up lately with some of the things she says (when she’s not throwing a temper tantrum or disobeying that is…it’s not easy being 3…or the mother of one who is)

Last week when I put her down for her nap she told me she didn’t want to sleep.  I told her that was fine, but she needed to lay down on her bed.  To which she replied, “Mom, that never works… every time I do I always end up falling asleep!”  (she was right, b/c sure enough she ended up falling asleep then too)

A few days later we were at my in-laws for a family dinner.  She returned to the table after going potty and I asked if she washed her hands.  “Yes,” she replied.  Knowing my daughter, I pressed further and asked if she was sure.

Yes, Mommy, I am sure… I washed them before I went potty!” (and back upstairs she went to wash them again)

What funny things have come out of your children’s mouth’s lately? 

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  1. One of my favorites was when my son came home after hearing the story of Adam and Eve. I asked where they lived and he replied, "The Garden of Eating."

    Loved the story of your crafternoon below! How creative!! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. First of all, I am so glad to not be the only mother of an almost three year old who is throwing temper tantrums like a pro! Huge sigh of relief! To be's Caroline throwing temper tantrums, not me. It sort of reads like I'm throwing them. (Although, when I do...I am a pro at it also.)

    Love her thinking on hand washing!!! She is a cutie!

  3. she's so practical! often when i close my eyes, i fall asleep, too. and i do believe she was just trying to be efficient in her hand washing. (i'm glad i got to be there to witness that one, too!) she is such a cutie. such and innocent cutie!

  4. So glad she is still napping for you! So glad I found Tiny Talk Tuesday, it is perfect for my post today.

  5. The talking about himself in the third person is entertaining, but whoa there! I thought tantrums and disobedience stopped at the end of 2...

  6. isn't that funny? they are really so smart at 3 and they don't even know it! :)

  7. She is too cute!!! I love what she said about falling asleep. Let me just tell you...I am so ready for 3 to be over with. My little monkey will be 4 in a month and I'm hoping that this 3 year old madness ends quickly!

  8. That is too cute!! I need to write them down when my kids say them!! I can't even think of one right!

    Love that picture of her. She has the cutest, biggest smile!

  9. Everytime I lay down, I fall asleep - LOL - that happens to me! Wish it happened to my three year old. He just plays for the hour and then is done...sigh...

    What a cute shot!


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