The sign says what?



This picture cracks me up every time it pops onto our screen saver.  Not only do I look incredibly tired and less than thrilled to have my picture taken, but in the background you see Potty= Privacy.  What gives, you ask?  Why was this dry erase board in your living room for 3 weeks?

Allow me to shed a little light to the back drop of this picture…

Scott took a week off from work after our son was born.   After about 2 days at being home, he noticed I got a bit edgy during nursing time.  I found myself almost claustrophobic and just begging for space…meanwhile the kids saw nothing wrong with coming over and kissing their baby brother while I was feeding him.

So, one afternoon he brought the dry eraser board up from the school room and sat the kids down.  The kids were quite curious and sat down in a row completely quiet waiting to see what he was up to.  He then made a rule list with 3 rules for the kids to follow to help Mommy and the new baby.

Rule 1.  Potty= privacy

Rule 2.  When Mommy is feeding the baby, she needs space.  He drew a picture of mommy on one side with a blanket and lil feet sticking out and on the other side you see the three kids (far from nursing Mom) bringing her a drink or diaper.

Rule 3.  No rough housing/fighting around the baby.  or ever.

I wish I had a picture of the sign.  I guess something about having just birthed a baby and adjusting to round the clock feedings, left me a bit off my blogging mojo.  I kept meaning to snap a picture, but sadly didn’t get to it before it got horribly smudged and eventually erased.

I loved this sign. 

It worked amazingly.  I was never walked in on in the bathroom again.  That fact alone is truly a miracle in itself.

Every time they crowded me while nursing all I had to do was say, “What’s the rule?”  My youngest daughter would chant in a sing songy voice, “Rule Number 2… Give Mommy space when she’s feeding the baby.”

I’ll add the dry erase list as just one more reason my husband totally rocks.


  1. Now if I can only get my husband to obey rule #1, I'll be golden. Maybe I need to make one of these signs. :0) Pure genius.

  2. This is hysterical, Crystal. Your face, the sign (genius move by Scott!), little buddy snuggled up looking utterly thankful that HE and Momma finally have some space.

    Lincoln crawls ALL over me these days, and I'm afraid it's gonna be a tough lesson for him when the baby comes.

    PS - Scott drew like a perfect toilet. LOL!

  3. That is genius!!!! I'm sure there will be quite a few moms who are going to use this idea!

  4. Your husband takes creative parenting to a whole new level. That's awesome!!!

  5. Awesome!!! Scott rocks. Maybe he'll think it's funny if people start high-fiving him at church. I love the Rule #2 drawing with the kids bringing stuff! How sweet!

  6. That's awesome! What a great idea!

  7. Love it! The picture is priceless!

  8. Daddy gets a STAR I`ll bet it sure has made s difference.
    We love our kids but some times it is nice for space.

  9. That is so funny...I'm glad it worked for you!

  10. i feel like this post is "classic Circus"! reigning in the love-chaos! i think we'll call that list Love Boundaries. i'm glad you get to pee in peace now. and you don't have to ration the oxygen around the little guy anymore. :) can't wait to be there soon and see it all in action!

  11. What a cool idea! I sometimes wish my husband would just let me complain and sympathize with me, but the logical ideas he comes up with for solutions make me so thankful for him too! What a blessing.

  12. It really was a perfect drawing of a toilet. So talented. . .

  13. That's ingenious! I love the visual of mommy with a blanket covered baby just seeing those little legs sticking out! And I hear ya on the need for a little nursing space. Noah and Caroline always see that as instant cuddling with mom and Katie time and I'm like..."Uh, no...."

    And peeing in privacy? Well, there's nothing better than that as a mommy to little ones! Although, admittedly, sometimes I willingly pee with the powder room door wide make sure I can at least hear what is going on in the other rooms!

  14. Congrats!!! (late) LOVE this sign and wish I had one... :)


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