Mystery Revealed


What were my kids doing on the quilt in that picture yesterday?  Were they tracking an escaped ant from their ant farm? Were they studying the quilt pattern in preparation for making one of their own?  Were they praying over their baby brother?

Not quite

Believe it or not, underneath that pile of circus cast members was our youngest child…

IMG_0847 You kinda get a little glimpse of him here…

We were attempting some tummy time, but I don’t think the poor guy had any room to lift his little head with all the smothering encouragement from his older siblings. 

So instead he laid his precious little head down on the quilt and fell asleep.

IMG_0845  Sweet dreams little man


  1. And he sleeps with a smile...he's precious.

  2. That's EXACTLY what I thought was happening in the picture! (how funny that you cannot even see one little shred of his body.) I totally should have commented- but I was too busy keeping mine from being smothered! :)

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Isn't that the SWEETEST picture ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


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