Our Princess Turns 3


  Our third born has literally been on the fast track since birth.  I swear she was born holding her head up and eagerly chasing after her older 2 siblings, not wanting to be left out for even a second.  She was clearly not meant to be the “baby” of the family.


Most of the time when my kids celebrate a birthday, I find myself reflecting on how quickly time passes and marveling at how could they be so old so fast. 

Not so with her.


Scott and I joke that maybe we got her birth date wrong b/c it just feels like she’s been three for months already.   Finally the big day arrived.  And what better way to celebrate then by having her friends and family join her at the park for a picnic and swimming on the hottest day of the year.   We had a heat index of 110!  But it didn’t spoil her fun in the least!

IMG_1396 Happy Birthday sweet girl!  Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives.


  1. Happy Birthday! You are a super duper wonderful little lady! :)

  2. i'm so sorry we had to miss it! i can't wait to give her such a big squeeze when we get there. her smile really does light up a room. she's growing into her big personality!

  3. She's so cute!!!

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess!

  4. happy birthday big girl! i was just thinking about you "missing" your 1st trimester with her too. she really is in a hurry to keep up with the big kids!

  5. happy birthday! she is a girl that just sparkles with personality even "on screen!" may her third year be full of blessings!

  6. It was so nice to see the pictures She is so happy Gma

  7. Although it was super HOT - it was a terrific celebration! Great pictures capturing her joy of the day!!!!

  8. GREAT adorable shots!!! Happy birthday little gal - what a sweet heart.


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