Incase You Were Wondering…


This would be why more than one of my children thought chicken came from cows…


Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A is a tradition here at the circus.

We start them young with our indoctrination!



  1. I love this. We went to chick-fil-a today (not knowing, gasp, that it was cow appreciation day) and we could barely breath. It was packed. All the kids got little stuffed cows, it was cute. I love this & your baby looks adorable!

  2. The CUTEST herd of cow-loving kids!!! Eat More Chikin!!!!

  3. We went as well. With being a last minute tribe leader this week everything else kind of flew out the window as I tried so it wasn't until the notification popped up on my calender this afternoon that I remembered. still was able to make some costumes though nothing quite a good as what your guys wore. I love me some free chick-fil-a!

  4. Unbelievable. You just had a are supposed to be "adjusting" to life with four kids...and you're out whippin up cow costumes like it's nothing!

    The Circus kids look undeniably adorable albeit a tad confused about where meat comes from, but eh, it's all good if you're eating said meat from CFA! (For free at that!!!)

    Needless to say the Happy Crew did not have cow costumes. I just had a baby. (Seven months ago was just yesterday, right?) I am not nearly as "adjusted" as you seem to be my dear!

    Did I mention how cute those guys look up there? Still the cutest group of kids I've ever met on the internet!! :)

  5. Happy... Happy...Happy... don't you know me by now? Do you really think I could whip up a cow costume? Let alone 4??? My mom made the costumes... all I did was cut out cow spots for my baby's onesie and Scott's tee... Scott ironed them on with the cool iron on goo my mom provided me with.

    But thanks for thinking I am better than I am!

  6. Your baby is so giving me baby fever. I just wanna pinch those cheeks!

    I've never heard of cow appreciation day. I'm about to click over to the site and check it out. You are such a wonderful Mom. You just gave birth and are out and about. Wowee. Amazing

  7. Even the baby, huh? I WISH WISH WISH we had a Chik Fil A up here!

  8. Okay..seriously, no joke...I totally thought of you when I heard about this!! I remembered the post you did before about dressing up like cows!!!

    You guys are so cute, and I love how you do this!!!!!!!

  9. Can we still be bloggy friends if I don't like Chik-Fil-A?

  10. I KNEW you would be there! It took a little convincing, but Patrick finally agreed that it would be a fun family outing. He wouldn't let me photograph him, but he ended up having a lot of fun. Cute costumes! We just printed out the costumes on the my credit, a friend only called that day to inform me about it while I was at work. AMAZING! They even give away free milkshakes!

  11. We did not make it out to Chick-Fil-A in costumes, but I thought about you on Friday. I couldn't wait to see all of the circus crew in their cow costumes!


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