Tag! Your it!


Divide and Conquer

That would be the name of the game lately at the circus.

I’ll take the youngest two to the grocery store while Scott takes the older ones with him to build the new to us play set.  Or Scott takes the big 3 to the year end baseball ceremony while I stay home with the babe.

At this stage of the game, tag teaming has seemed crucial for surviving and for attempting to keep the household running somewhat smoothly.  

Last week we seemed to take the whole divide and conquer strategy to a new level, though.

Maggie, our patient and honestly quite often overlooked dog, was overdue for a vet appointment.  I don’t care how over due she was, I was not bringing her and the 4 kids to the vet by myself (remember last years visit with just 3 kids?).  So, I scheduled an evening appt for her so Scott could take her.  Unfortunately the night that worked best also happened to be the night of a deacon meeting for Scott.  He didn’t have time to take her to the vet and back home before heading out to church for his meeting. 

So, he came home from work, grabbed the dog and headed to the vet.  I then followed with the kiddos about 15 minutes later and waited in the parking lot.  Scott came out with the dog about 10 minutes later stuck her in the back of the van, gave me a quick kiss and as we parted ways… him on his way to church, me back home with the circus crew… I had to chuckle…

Now we’re even tag teaming with the dog!!

In other news.. my little man is 6 weeks old…time is flying fast and my laundry seems to be piling up even faster!!



  1. oh, he is so cute so so so cute!

  2. Wow he looks like you! I can't believe he's 6 weeks already. I've stopped counting weeks and am keeping track by months now. *sigh*

  3. Don`t worry about it seems to have a life of its own. you never get it done. so enjoy your kids the laundry will be waiting for you but kids grow up.

  4. I wouldn't do much laundry with that adorable face staring up at me either! He's so cute and I think he looks like his momma too!


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