The Close Talker


Dear Son,

When you grow up and notice that every time you talk people kinda take a step back from you… its not your fault.

You will have come by these socially awkward close talking tendencies quite naturally.

Blame your older sisters for your lack of personal space.  Because they can’t seem to talk to you without their face literally centimeters from yours. 


Waking or sleeping, car seat, or bassinet or bouncy seat or swing.  It doesn’t matter.  Your poor little eyes can barely focus as you see their face come into yours as they tell you hello and how much they love you.

I try to protect you.  Honest I do.  “But Mom,”  they tell me, “we’re just saying Hi…” 

They can’t help themselves.

And I am afraid after years of experiencing life like this, you won’t know any better. 

And you, dear son, will grow up to be a bit of a close talker. 

I’m sorry,



  1. Oh my goodness- I can relate! I have a photo just like this, but both of my girls are shoved in the play mat talking to their baby brother. Funny post! :)

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  2. Reilly is still totally in Nick's face - even after 3.5 years!!! We have a picture from his first moments with here right there. Now she has teeth marks/scratch scars, etc., to prove she has not learned... lol
    It's super cute though, how they all love the little one so much!

  3. That is so sweet, so true and so funny, especially "Your poor little eyes can barely focus as you see their face come into yours..."!

  4. Don't worry, Sofia is right there with him. Yet another reason they are a match made in heaven. They will understand each other so well!

  5. Will does that with Jenny, too. The girls are a lot better, but Will is always right in her face!

  6. There's is just something about a brand new baby that is irresistible!!!!

  7. I love this episode of Seinfield but now it has a whole new meaning. What a sweet message.

  8. Love this post!!! Your little man really is irresistible. ;o)


  9. OH. MY. GOODNESS....Hilarious! Close talker...I love it!


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